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Unit Descriptions
1 Section:1 section is same to 640 acres. Provided to measure land area in the west Canadian districts of Alberta, Manitoba, and also Saskatchewan. Hardly ever 640 acre in practice. 1 section = 2589988.110336 m2.1 Acre (U.S. Survey):10 sq ch = 4840 sq yd

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Conversions Table
1 sections to acre (u.s. Survey) = 639.997470 sections to acres (u.s. Survey) = 44799.8165
2 sections to acres (u.s. Survey) = 1279.994880 sections to acre (u.s. Survey) = 51199.7903
3 part to acre (u.s. Survey) = 1919.992190 sections to acres (u.s. Survey) = 57599.764
4 part to acre (u.s. Survey) = 2559.9895100 sections to acres (u.s. Survey) = 63999.7378
5 part to acre (u.s. Survey) = 3199.9869200 sections to acre (u.s. Survey) = 127999.4757
6 part to acre (u.s. Survey) = 3839.9843300 sections to acre (u.s. Survey) = 191999.2135
7 sections to acres (u.s. Survey) = 4479.9816400 part to acres (u.s. Survey) = 255998.9513
8 sections to acres (u.s. Survey) = 5119.979500 sections to acre (u.s. Survey) = 319998.6892
9 part to acre (u.s. Survey) = 5759.9764600 part to acres (u.s. Survey) = 383998.427
10 sections to acres (u.s. Survey) = 6399.9738800 part to acres (u.s. Survey) = 511997.9026
20 part to acre (u.s. Survey) = 12799.9476900 part to acres (u.s. Survey) = 575997.6405
30 part to acres (u.s. Survey) = 19199.92131,000 sections to acre (u.s. Survey) = 639997.3783
40 sections to acre (u.s. Survey) = 25599.895110,000 part to acres (u.s. Survey) = 6399973.7831
50 part to acres (u.s. Survey) = 31999.8689100,000 sections to acre (u.s. Survey) = 63999737.8306
60 part to acre (u.s. Survey) = 38399.84271,000,000 sections to acre (u.s. Survey) = 639997378.3057

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