2. Submit her application.

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Click the ubraintv-jp.com NOW attach to complete your application. Please review our scholastic calendar to decision what start term is best for you.

ubraintv-jp.com now


4. Finish Direct Enrollment and Self notified Placement survey.

A survey will be emailed come you after ~ submitting her application. Complete the inspection to recognize your Math and also English food placement.

Dual Enrollment

If you setup to start taking NOVA class before graduating native high school, please see dual Enrollment.

International Applicants

NOVA has particular application deadlines for worldwide applicants. Testimonial the worldwide Admissions web page for an ext details.

It is the plan of north Virginia community College and also the Virginia neighborhood College device to maintain and also promote same employment and also educational avenues without regard come race, sex, color, nationwide origin, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, politics affiliation, or against otherwise default persons with disabilities. The policy permits appropriate employment preferences for veterans and specifically prohibits discrimination versus veterans. Inquiries concerning affirmative activity and equal opportunity policies must be handle eo

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Northern Virginia community CollegeAnnandale, VA 22003 (703) 323-3000 (877) 408-2028 admissions
nvcc.edu www.nvcc.edu
Instructions (expand/collaspe)

To complete this application, answer each concern on each screen. Friend can kind your answer in the corresponding fields or select your answers from the popup lists (where applicable).

Once friend answer every the concerns on a screen, click Save and also Continue in ~ the bottom. If over there are any errors or omissions, you will be triggered to review your prize or administer an answer. After all the answers room provided, her data will certainly be saved, and the next display will appear.

If girlfriend want, you deserve to skip to one more screen without your data being saved. Be conscious if girlfriend skip to another screen listed in the menu, data on your present screen will not be saved and will should be reentered.

Once you have actually completed all the displays in this application, click Go to applications Submission at the bottom that the screen to submit her application. Choose a payment alternative (if applicable), go into your signature, then click Submit Now.

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Review the ubraintv-jp.com digital application tutorial: PDF: how to finish the ubraintv-jp.com digital Application

If girlfriend have any kind of technical questions or need assistance with this online application, review commonly asked questions.