In geometry,apoint is a ar represented by a dot. A suggest does no have any kind of length, width, shape or size, the only has actually a position. When two distinctive points are associated they forma line.

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1.What is a point and a Line?
2.Types the Points and Lines
3.Tips ~ above Points and also Lines
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The concept of points and also lines is importantto know geometry figures. With the aid of points, we have the right to label and identify the geometry figures and with the assist of lines, we can draw the figures.


A suggest is identified as a place in any an are and is represented by a period (.). It does not have any kind of length, height, shape, or size. The marks the start to draw any type of figure or shape and also is labeled with funding letters.


A collection of points connected by a straight route is defined as aline.A line is usually defined by two points. It have the right to be significant with a single letter in the lower instance or by two capital letters.A line has actually no thickness and can extend indefinitely in both directions. The length of a line is undefined and it deserve to haveinfinite number of points. Observe the following figure to recognize the difference between a allude and a line.


Types the Points and Lines

There room different types of points in geometry. Permit us comment on them to identify them easily.

Collinear Points and also Non-Collinear PointsIf 3 or much more points lieon a solitary straight line climate the pointsare dubbed collinear points. If thegroup the points execute not lie on the same line climate those pointsare referred to as non-collinear points.Coplanar Points and also Non-Coplanar PointsIf a group of point out lieon the sameplanethen castle are claimed to it is in coplanar points. A set of clues that carry out not lie on the same aircraft are non-coplanar points.Observe the following figure which mirrors the different types of points.


Types of Lines

Just choose the different species of points, there room different species of present which deserve to be distinguished easily on the communication of their unique properties.

Horizontal heat – A line the is mapped native left-to-right or right-to-left and also is parallel come the x-axis in a airplane is referred to as a horizontal line.Vertical heat – A line the is mapped from as much as down or down to up and is parallel to the y-axis in a aircraft iscalled a vertical line.Intersecting Lines – once two present cross each other and also meet ata point, lock are known as intersecting lines. The suggest at i beg your pardon they satisfy is well-known as the allude of intersection.Perpendicular Lines– Whentwo present intersect exactly at 90°, they are recognized as perpendicular lines.Parallel Lines – 2 lines are said to it is in parallel if they do not crossing at any point and are equidistant.

Observe the number given below which reflects the different species of lines.


Tips ~ above Points and also Lines

A point does not have a length, width, form or size.When two distinctive points are linked they do aline.A line extends in both directions infinitely.Parallel lines carry out not crossing each other.The currently that crossing each various other at 90° are known asperpendicular lines.Two or an ext points that lie ~ above a single straight lineare upright points.Two or more points that lie ~ above the sameplaneare coplanar points.

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