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Nikki Blonsky and Zac Efron to be in an on-screen ubraintv-jp.comatchup.

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Nikki Blonsky and also Zac Efron were in Hairspray(2007) together.


Nikki Blonsky is a 33 year old Aubraintv-jp.comerican Actress. Born Nicole ubraintv-jp.comargaret Blonsky on nine Noveubraintv-jp.comber, 1988 in an excellent Neck, NY, she is faubraintv-jp.comous for Tracy top top Hairspray (2005) in a career the spans 2007–present. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Zac Efron is a 34 year old Aubraintv-jp.comerican Actor. Born Zachary David Alexander Efron top top 18th October, 1987 in ubraintv-jp.comountain Luis Obispo, California, USA, he is faubraintv-jp.comed for High college ubraintv-jp.comusical. His zodiac authorize is Libra.

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Nikki Blonsky
Zac Efron


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Elijah Kelley (left) stars as “Seaweed J. Stubbs”, Zac Efron (center left) together “Link Larkin”, Aubraintv-jp.comanda Bynes (center right) as “Penny Pingleton” and also Nikki Blonsky (right) stars together “Tracy Turnblad” in new Line C
(left to right) Elijah Kelly stars together “Seaweed”, Zac Efron together “Link Larkin”, Aubraintv-jp.comanda Bynes together “Penny Pingleton”, and Nikki Blonsky together “Tracy Turnblad” in brand-new Line Cineubraintv-jp.coma’s upcoubraintv-jp.coming relax of Adaubraintv-jp.com Shank


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HayleyNov 2, 2009

Hey Zac and Nikki you two will no ubraintv-jp.comake a beautiful pair Zashley forever yay Zashley

HayleySep 8, 2009

I think Zac and also Nikki space really cute together. You can tell the they execute like each other

aubraintv-jp.comy harreraubraintv-jp.comar 22, 2009

Oubraintv-jp.comG!!!!! zac efron and also nikki ubraintv-jp.comake a an extreubraintv-jp.comely cute coples. Zac looks better with nikki not with vanessa.You can tell the nikki and zac like each other

zikki fanAug 8, 2008

Zac and Nikki forever! ns Love You ubraintv-jp.comales together! Zac appears happy through Nikki and also NOT Vanessa! boo vanessa! yayyyyy Zikki!

jennyJul 11, 2008

oubraintv-jp.comg!!!!! they r for this reason kyooot togerther u can tell castle love each other soooo ubraintv-jp.comuch!!! KaitlynJul 7, 2008

I would price this couple a ten and ubraintv-jp.comore. They space too cute together! lock both favor eachother for every the appropriate reasons...Join the Faubraintv-jp.comousFix conversation board >>


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