History >> civil WarAbolitionist - A human being who want to remove or "abolish" slavery.

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Antebellum - A term definition "before war". The was frequently used to define the united States before the civil War.Artillery - big caliber guns like cannons and also mortars.Assassination - once a human is murdered for political reasons.Bayonet - A long blade or knife attached come the finish of a musket. Soldiers would use it favor a spear in close combat.Blockade - an attempt to protect against people and supplies native going in or the end of a port.Border states - These claims were slave claims that did no leave the Union, but largely supported the cause of the Confederates. They consisted of Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware.Brogan - one ankle high shoe worn by soldiers during the polite War.Carpetbagger - A northerner who moved to the South throughout the reconstruction in stimulate to become rich.Casualty - A soldier that is wounded or killed during battle.
Commutation - A commutation was as soon as a person could pay a fee fairly than it is in drafted into the army. This angered poorer people who could not salary the fee and had no an option but to fight.Confederacy - another name for the Confederate says of America or the South. The Confederacy was a team of says that left the United states to form their very own country.Copperhead - A nickname because that northerners that were versus the polite War.Dixie - A nickname for the South.Dred Scott decision - A decision made by the can be fried Court that said Congress could not outlaw slavery and also that people of african descent were not necessarily U.S. Citizens.Eastern theatre - The component of the war fought in the Eastern joined States including Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and also Pennsylvania.Emancipation Proclamation - An executive, management order from president Abraham Lincoln stating that servants in the Confederate claims were come be collection free.Federal - A term used to describe human being who sustained the Union.Flank - The side of an military or army unit.Fugitive servant Law - A law passed by congress in 1850 that said escaped servants in totally free states had to be returned to their owners.Greenback - A nickname for united States file money that was first used in 1862. It gained its name from the eco-friendly ink used in printing.Hardtack - Crackers consumed by Civil battle soldiers make from flour, water, and also salt.Haversack - A canvas bag that plenty of Civil battle soldiers supplied to lug their food.Infantry - Soldiers that fight and also travel by foot.Ironclad - A warship that is completely covered and protected by steel cladding.Kepi - A lid worn by Civil war soldiers.Mason-Dixon Line - A border or border that break-up the totally free states from the servant states. It went between Pennsylvania come the north and Virginia, Maryland, and also Delaware to the south.Militia - An military of citizen used during emergencies.Musket - A long gun through a smooth bore the soldiers shot native the shoulder.North - The north states the the unified States, additionally called the Union.
Plantation - A huge farm in the southern United States. Prior to the civil War many of the employees on plantations to be slaves.Rebel - A nickname provided to human being in the south supporting the Confederate States.Reconstruction - The rebuilding of war torn southern says so they might be readmitted right into the Union after ~ the polite War.Scalawag - A nickname for southern whites who supported the Republican Party.Secede - as soon as the southern states decided to leaving the united States and to no longer be a component of the country.Sectionalism - placing the neighborhood interests and customs front of the whole country.South - A nickname because that the Confederate states of America or the Confederacy.Union - The name offered to the states that continued to be loyal to the United states government. Also called the North.Western theater - The fighting during the Civil war that took location west of the Appalachian Mountains. That eventually consisted of the fighting in Georgia and the Carolinas as well.

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Yankee - A nickname for civilization from the North as well as Union soldiers.
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