The mission of brand-new Bridge middle School is to prepare students to be worldwide competitive and also responsible citizens in the 21st Century by bringing the human being to them with technology, problem-based learning and scientific inquiry.

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Our layout is - B.E.A.R.S. Have P.R.I.D.E. B.E.A.R.S. Not just represents our mascot, however will likewise serve as our school-wide guidelines for success. B.E.A.R.S. means Be prepared, Everyone reflects respect, Attitude matters, Remember responsibilities and also Safety first. P.R.I.D.E. is our school-wide effort focusing ~ above everyone"s Personal Responsibility In Dynamic Education.

Located in the facility of Jacksonville, north Carolina, new Bridge center is County"s first magnet school. Because its doors opened up in the autumn of 1998, brand-new Bridge center School has available a curriculum v a emphasis in math, science and an innovation along with plenty of special programs to foster learning in a selection of areas. Students in ~ NBMS excel in athletics, leadership, music and also the arts, and also demonstrate citizenship through various community service projects.

The employee at our school supplies an exciting and varied regime to college student in qualities six through eight. Countless innovative tasks focusing on differentiated learning layouts have resulted in huge academic gains for all students. Our staff carries out our mission v the very same enthusiasm the has always driven brand-new Bridge middle School"s success. At new Bridge center School, all children can succeed.

Our institution History

Our school building was built in 1941 and also opened together Jacksonville an elderly High School. The college later came to be Jacksonville small High School and then Jacksonville middle School. The students, faculty, management and staff of Jacksonville middle School were moved to a new building (Jacksonville Commons middle School), and the structure was closed and also remodeled. In an effort to relieve the overcrowded conditions in various other area center schools, the building reopened in the fall of 1998 as brand-new Bridge center School.

Characteristics the NBMS

The application procedure to attend NBMS requires the use of a computer system program that randomly selects college student who have actually applied. Parental agree to assistance teachers in the expectations of high accomplishment and students should adhere come a prescribed dress code. The faculty and staff believe this dress code reduces self-control problems and also instills school pride.

New Bridge center School is distinctive in the it draws students from every edge of County. Friendships are formed among students who can otherwise not have ever known every other. The school"s place and huge attendance area pose many obstacles for the County institutions Transportation Department. Unfortunately, countless students experience prolonged daily bus rides to and from such areas as Topsail Island, Swansboro, Richlands and also Maysville. In spite of these challenges, in the short time we have actually been open, brand-new Bridge has emerged a reputation together a school that sets high requirements in a caring and nurturing environment.

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Home District

From 1998 come 2010, every NBMS students to be selected through the lottery process. V the 2010-11 college year, brand-new Bridge began the procedure of ending up being a "true magnet" school by developing a student body v both a lottery population and a residence district population. Rather of drawing brand-new home disctrict borders, the County plank of education selected to make use of the existing Clyde Erwin Magnet Elementary institution borders.