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Army nationwide Guard Recruiting and also Retention Non-Commissioned officers (NCOs) recruit and also retain default soldiers for entry right into the military National Guard following applicable regulations. That is not an entry-level job and is only available to NCOs in the military National Guard

The army National Guard and the Air national Guard type a militia and also military, commonwealth reserve force. The army National safety is divided into subordinate units v reservists stationed in each of the 50 states, three territories, and the ar of Columbia. Castle each operate under their corresponding governors. This army National Guard job is categorized as armed forces occupational specialty (MOS) 79T.


Like civilian firm recruiters perform for personal companies, soldiers in MOS 79T job-related to find the ideal talent for the Army's needs. Their duties incorporate prospecting and also refining leads, and determining whether a potential recruit is eligible because that enlistment. It might involve helping them to pre-qualify for enlistment, or investigating whether someone is eligible because that reenlistment. 

Some recruiters in the military National safety develop and conduct recruiting events at schools. For any new or potential recruit, it"s as much as the recruiting and also retention NCO to describe such inspiration programs together the Montgomery GI Bill, and any initial entrance training requirements.

They additionally get recruits increase to speed on initial entrance training requirements, and counsels applicants, answering any type of questions or comes to they have. This soldiers space trained to make sure recruits have information about any family-related programs and also benefits they'll receive after authorized the Army

Marketing and also Advertising

Another component of this task involves arising media contacts, to aid publicize any kind of recruitment initiatives or events, and developing talking points for interviews, so first line leaders have the right to accurately answer questions. They'll write scripts because that ads and marketing copy, and also will also oversee straight mail campaigns, much like any type of civilian marketing executive would. And also of course, they'll oversee the marketing and also advertising budget. 

In addition to bringing brand-new personnel right into the Army, the recruitment and also retention professionals reviews requests for separation, transfer, and discharge, and also reviews any necessary actions related to these requests v the soldier in question. 


To qualify because that MOS 79T, you"ll require a 100 in the basic technical (GT) aptitude area that the armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests. It is waivable to a score the 100 if you also score 100 on the professional technical (ST) area the the ASVAB.

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There is no department of Defense defense clearance required for this job, however you must have actually either a high school diploma or one year that college and also a high college GED. You have to have a record cost-free of any kind of convictions of sexual offenses, one of two people in unique or general courts-martial or civilian court. These are outlined in AR 27-10 the military Justice code, under chapter 24. 

comparable Civilian job

You'll be fine positioned for careers in marketing, advertising, and also recruitment at civilian companies, and may be able to pursue tasks in person resources departments as well.