Do Naked and Afraid Participants obtain Paid?

Whether or no the contestants ~ above ‘Naked and Afraid’ obtain compensated has actually been a point of conversation for a lengthy time. The official description of the show states the the contestants must survive on their very own for 21 days and also that “the just prize is their pride and also sense of accomplishment.” In an interview in 2015 with Channel Guide, the casting director Kristi Russell was likewise asked if there is a prize for those who complete the challenge. She plainly stated the “there is no prize.”


Naturally, this has actually left many fans shocked. Apart from the financial ramifications of being lacking from the continuous jobs, the contestants also put their physical and also mental health on the line. Taking every one of that into consideration, most of united state would not agree to put ourselves through the ordeal under any circumstances. However, number of interviews with former cast members revealed the they space on the display for the experience and also the reaffirmation the they deserve to indeed endure in the wild. Therefore, money is no the motivating factor.

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A previous contestant Jeff Zausch also said that while some civilization are made to become race automobile drivers, others become CEOs of companies. Similarly, that believes that he is among those produced to press themselves beyond what is humanly possible. Many contestants have returned come the present several times, prove that surviving the challenge is more financially rewarding to them 보다 anything else. However, that is not true the the contestants are not payment anything in ~ all.

How lot Do the attendees on Naked and also Afraid Make?

Kristi Russell revealed that also though there is no prize money, the contestants are compensated for your time. She claimed that lock are given a “weekly stipend come compensate for their lost wages.” The rules of ‘Naked and Afraid’ posted in 2014 revealed that the contestants would certainly be paid $5000 in cash. Additionally, lock would also be offered round-trip trip tickets come the ar of the survival difficulty and put up for 2 nights in a hotel.


Furthermore, the is not unusual for contestants to tap out of the competition. Lock may choose to exit because of severe infections, injuries, and sometimes also mental wellness issues. All in all, it might not seem choose a fair bargain, however the contestants room clear about what come expect.

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Discovery Channel casts civilization on the show only when they are persuaded that they space fit sufficient to take part in the survive challenge. All applicants must be united state citizens, over the age of 18, and have no pre-existing medical conditions. Russell likewise revealed the they room tested top top the skills and knowledge compelled to survive in the wild. Offered that number of years have actually passed due to the fact that the 2014 announcement, the compensation figure might be slightly higher than $5000. However, the latest numbers have no been disclosed officially.