Riddles space a good way to happen the time as soon as traveling. Particularly if you room up in the air in a plane and don’t have internet access for a while.

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It’s far too simple these days for human being to google the answer to riddles instead of trying to figure them out! that kinda defeat the function of a riddle if you simply look increase the answer.

Today we’re looking at the “Mr Smith had 4 Daughters” riddle. Right here it is declared in it’s most common format.

Mr smith had four daughters, each daughter had a brother. Exactly how many children does mr Smith have?

The puzzle additionally takes a few different forms:

Mr.Smith has 4 daughters. Every of his daughters has a brother. Just how many kids does mr Smith have?Mr. Smith had 4 daughters. Each daughter had 4 brothers. Just how many children does Mr. Smith have?Mr blacksmith has 4 daughters. Each daughter had 4 brothers. how many kids does grandfather Smith have?Mr and also Mrs Smith have 4 daughters…

The answer to the “Mr Smith had actually 4 daughters” riddle is…

Wait… perform you really want to offer up?


The answer Explained

The riddle tries come make united state think there room 8 kids. 4 daughters and 4 brothers.

Here’s open minded on Twitter nearly getting the wrong.


Diana explained how she saw it.


When civilization use google to shot to get an answer to this riddle a proportion form things like this:

“mr smith had actually 4 daughers 4 brothers”“mr smith had 4 daughters, each daughter had 4 brothers”

The original riddle never ever mentions “4 brothers”. The cheat of the riddle hangs upon this mistaken presumption that there space 4 various brothers, one for each sister. Over there is only one brother!

The different Dark Explanation “Had” Or “Has”

I think the prize given over is the intended answer come the riddle. It’s no as facility as some human being make out.

The trick is in making friend think there are four brothers and also that there will be 8 youngsters in total.

However there is much debate about what the actual answer come this riddle is. It revolves around the meaning of words “had”.

The different answer is that because Mr smith “had” 4 daughters it was something that was in the past and that it means Mr smith no longer has 4 daughters or a kid in the present.

They then conclude that it method the actual answer to the riddle is that Mr Smith has no children presently.

Let’s look in ~ the an interpretation of words “had”.


If girlfriend heard that a Mrs smith “had a baby” you wouldn’t think that a infant was born and also subsequently died. Hearing that “she had actually a baby” is great news!

If the riddle was “Mrs Smith had 4 daughters” climate you’d think it meant she “had 4 babies”. You’d be making use of “had” in the feeling of undergoing an experience rather than possession.

I don’t believe the usage of had actually in the riddle way that the youngsters are every dead. The world isn’t the dark because that me.

That grandfather & Mrs smith “had” a daughter doesn’t average that the daughter is no much longer around.

The Bottom Line

In truth, over there isn’t enough information provided in the mr Smith daughter riddle to determine just how many kids Mr blacksmith has.

The cheat of the straightforward riddle is that we count the brother multiple times and also arrive at 8 kids instead of 5.

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I don’t believe the “had” vs “has” discussion is valid.

My own mommy “had” a son in 1978, the doesn’t average that I’m dead today. I’m still very much alive and also kicking!