1 Tau Gamma Phi

Tau Gamma Phi members or the Triskelion are helping Universities and also Colleges for a an excellent benefits the the school. Castle also aid the comnunities and also helping negative people ~ hitted by the calamaties and that is one factor why they room really known in the community. Every councils have actually chapters where in every chapters have actually there presidents in bespeak to have actually a an excellent relationship and orientation of the members. They have the right to really aid the community without asking for a favor or something that provide them credits. I salute the Tau Gamma Phi organizations they space really helpful.

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Tau gamma phi will constantly run a cleaning procedure in every area and also give great advice to the children and also be a good example to the following generation.

Well, tau gamma phi really renders a large impact in the Philippines, the whole civilization rather it"s because they aid others who needs help and they additionally have a community organization and additionally a feeding routine for the youngsters who are malnurished. Ns don"t recognize why other fraternities dislike tau gamma phi, favor I typical tau gamma phi is a really nice fraternity and they additionally have a pretty background unlike the rather (no offense) this is my monitoring for tau gamma phi. Your brotherhood and sisterhood is really nice they treat eachother a family. This is not because tau gamma phi just since my dad is a member the this fraternity yet for me, it is in mine blood to love tau gamma phiI SALUTE YOU, TAU GAMMA PHIARIVA! ARIVA!continue what you"re law to aid everybody and also to make every neighborhood nor the people to be better

Our plot in helping the ar speaks because that itself why Tau Gamma Phi is the can be fried Fraternity in the Philippines. Arriba!

2 Alpha Phi Omega

We will construct a new tommorow native this old wreck land of woe..Build it high,Build that strong,Build it v cheerful service,Build it with strong men and women that Alpha Phi Omega!Alpha Phi Omega may we constantly be brod and also sis..

I will certainly transmit Alpha Phi Omega not less but far better and much an ext beautiful than it to be transmited depend me.

To lead, a friend and also to serve. Strong the one we. Frank Reed Horton founder.

Quality no QuantityProud to it is in one!May we always be!

3 Sigma Lambda Phi

For me No. 1 Fraternities and also Sororities in the World...

Theta beta chapter here, Philippines.

Long live Uno number 1

Long live uno

4 Phi Lambda Sigma

This Fratirnity I"ve been grow ug to be among the succes humankind our brotherhood ~ above this Fratirnity I"ll contact them among my household just keep it up brother and also sister stay strong and brave united state one.

Stand up Knights...God bless us

Stand increase knights!

5 Alpha Kappa Rho

Akrho is the ideal fraternity together of 2018. Basic on neighborhood service, number of members, and also the clean background of fatality hazing. Just search fatality hazing history of the Philippines.Long Live Skeptron

Long live mga brod and sis proud to it is in a member that this frat and sor i born ns live I dice as alpha kappa rho Vincit Omnia Veritas walk forward on getting to hands come others whose in need...

We Alpha Kappa Rho, Alumni Chapter, Lyceum the iligan foundition, maritime Lambda Chapter. Lengthy Live!

Alpha Kappa Rho is more on action, we know that.

6 Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Inc.

About the Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Inc. GroupThe Guardians Brotherhood organization was very first known together the "Diablo Squad" (DS) organization in 1976 and is originally made up of 14 members v Sgt. Leborio "ABRAHAM" Jangao, Jr. As its founder. Together detachment command at the time in Sitio Kidama, Parang, Maguindanao, Sgt Jangao conceived the DS as a fraternity that soldiers carrying through them the prize of strong Brotherhood, Unity, Solidarity and Oneness and with these principles, he had the ability to convince his guys to sign up with the group.The Philippine GUARDIANS Brotherhood, included (PGBI), is a non-stock and non-sectarian orga nization. The core and also main objective of the organization is to unite, develop and also maintain camaraderie among its members in stimulate to far better and more effectively deal with matters of their typical interests and also concerns, and also with the watch of achieving sustainable breakthrough for the Filipino areas as a non-government company ...more

I favor that BrotherhoodAnd my dad is a member that this brotherhood

I favor this brotherhood since my father is founder of guardians

7 Megalith Nu Sigma Phi

We confront all difficulties behind all the obstacles, because we believe that the more trials we conquer the more powerful we end up being that"s the real fully blooded MEGANS are! Longlive 8253!

Strong and also braved

Love conquers all

8 Sigma Alpha Epsilon

We in reality perform ar services and also serve our fellow Filipinos no by just words but by deeds for this is one of our characters as SAE"s. We are constantly inclined v our creed which was collection by our founders the we think in the nobility of our objective in the company for the welfare of our people. Let"s go, SAE"s! Let"s continue serving our fellow Filipinos.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the best amongst the rest. Us serve human being who requirements in help.

9 Zeta Phi Omega

God bless brothers and also sisters. One way, one life, one fraternity.

Zeta phi omega deserve to it is in an no. 1 due to the fact that we focused on community service as well

One way, one life, one fraternity. God bless!

10 Alpha Phi Epsilon

Long live Alpha phi epsilon because 1961.

I"m belonging in the frat

Do a great turn daily

Thy will to serve

11 Scouts Royale Brotherhood

May we always be in leadership,friendship and services...Strong the one we

13 Zeta Epsilon Alpha Lambda

Zeta Epsilon Alpha Lambda Fraternity and Sorority 1926-1931 (International) is among the oldest organization in the World, however still hardest and still ungated for a far better single intents, which is come confer every members come be completely engaged through God, Education, Community and also for our Organization. Also though the its difficult to belong here, however basically, that nice to become.Long Live Zealians. We need to stay strong.We space the Lions that never ever Sleep.>Pisces Chapter, Siay Zamboanga Sibugay
16 Zeta Psi Omicron

I love this frat due to the fact that the members space friendly, achievers and also always aid the community when essential like feeding programs, aid after calamities and disasters, operation tuli and assistance throughout medical missions... This frat deserves come numero uno... Mabuhay!

This fraternity deserves to be Number 1, because the members placed priority on ar service amongst their yearly activities besides an individual development.

This is a fraternity scholars, dreamers, achievers through a strong concern for neighborhood development. For many years it has actually produced, scientists, managers, professors, administrators and also high ranking army officers. Mabuhay and also mga Tasay...

LOng live zeta psi omicron kita jud and also deserving na mag top one kaii us are energetic in ar service..

17 Alpha Sigma Phi

Reborn from the ashes! Sail ~ above alpha sigma phi!

Sail ~ above alpha sigma phi!

Sail top top alpha sigma phi

19 Alpha Sigma Rho

And once the an obstacle demands that supremeSacrifice, then I will certainly be prepared to offer without shame andDishonor that others might live.

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We contact each various other bothers and also sisters, we space family...Long Live Ambassadors Forever!

20 Alpha Beta Phi

21 Tyro Gyn Phi

The finest prat ever

22 Gamma Sigma Epsilon
23 Phi Omega Sigma

Phi omega sigma is the finest fraternity and it has actually the power to offer the society, recognize their brod and sis likewise others that need helps.. I"m porfz bryan and also I invite u to poll phi omega sima as #1 fraternity not only in our counrty yet in all over the world.