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We room your caterer of high-quality reagents and also chemicals for analytical and also chemistry ubraintv-jp.comoratories:Solvents – ACS certain use (HPLC), ACS basic use, solvents because that histology, and reagent grade because that chemical synthesis and other commercial applications.Inorganics – chemistry synthesis and inorganic chemistry including vital acids and bases, salts, metals and elements, and reagents because that chemical reactions.

safety and security Data paper (SDS)
SpecificationsPropertyValueExplosion Limit10.1 %Assay(GC)Min.99%Non-volatilematterMax.0.002%Water(KarlFischer)Max.0.1%Autoignition Temperature960 °F

Boiling Point/Range79-81 °C
Density0.805 g/cm3 (20 °C)
Flashpoint-4 °C
GradeReagent class Solvents
Incompatible MaterialsOxidizing agents
Lower to explode Limit1.8 %(V)
Melting Point/Range-87 °C
Partition Coefficient0.26
Purity Percentage99
Purity Details>=99% (GC)
Solubility in Water290 g/l (20 °C)
Upper to explode Limit11.5 %(V)
Vapor Pressure101 hPa (20 °C)
Viscosity0.423 mPa.s (15 °C)
pH-ValueNo data avaiubraintv-jp.comle
Product LinePuriss.
Storage TemperatureAmbient


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