Melons are a delight for every Minecraft players. In the past, players have produced massive melon fields and also used the food item as a decoration and also resource.

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Melons space a beautiful green color and also a an extremely valuable source in Minecraft. It"s fairly rare for melons to generate in villages, and the just biome whereby melons spawn normally is in the jungles.

So, where deserve to you discover melons? How deserve to you grow these fruit in Minecraft? Melons have the right to be grown native melon seed in Minecraft, and here is a overview to getting these seeds.

How to obtain melon seed in Minecraft

Melon seed are derived in Minecraft in 2 ways. Either the player finds the seed in a chest, or the player crafts them utilizing a melon slice.


Crafting a melon particle is really simple. Presume the player currently has a melon slice in their inventory, all they need to do is open up their do table, placed the melon part in the middle slot, and also melon seeds will appear in the output slot.

But what if the player doesn"t have actually a melon part yet? fine they"re in luck, here"s every method to uncover a melon or melon particle in Minecraft.

Where to discover melon seeds in Minecraft

Village chests and also farms

Melons also grow naturally in jungles. Players space much much more likely to uncover melons within jungles than in villages, and if a player comes throughout a jungle they should certainly hunt for melons.


In both Java and also Bedrock Editions, melons have a possibility of spawning in dungeon chests. This usually spawn in groups of 1-4 melon seeds.


Melon seed have around a 30% chance of spawning in Mineshaft chests. It"s unknown why these seeds generate in Mineshafts, as Minecraft lore supposedly said that this shafts were produced by older mining players. What use would this players have actually for melon seeds?

Woodland Mansions

Woodland Mansions are a really dangerous location for ill-prepared players, yet those desperate and also brave sufficient for melon seeds have actually an 18% possibility of finding them within a woodland mansion chest.

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Melon Stems

The last location a player will have the ability to find melon seeds is with a melon stem. These room the beginning growth step of a completely grown melon, and also it"s unwise of football player to dig up melon stems for seeds. Return the stem will offer players 0-3 melon seeds, the player will obtain 8 melon seed if castle wait because that the melon come grow.