The concern stands for itself. I"m particularly interested in skeletons, yet I like to save the subject general.

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I miscellaneous to obtain skeletons from a monster spawner go up and also fall, yet they still require a couple of hits come die, so i would choose to know exactly how high I have to let them fall so the they would only need one much more hit.


Fall damage is calculation by the complying with formula:

Fall damages = variety of blocks - 3

1 damages is fifty percent a heart. (As is 1 health)

Using this formula and a perform of mob Healths, friend can number out the maximum height from which each mob can loss while staying alive. Simply subtract 1 indigenous a mob"s health and wellness and include 3!

For example, a Skeleton has 10 hearts (20 health). This method it deserve to take 19 damage without dying. Utilizing the fall damages formula, we can see the the maximum elevation a Skeleton can loss from without dying is 22.

An Enderman, on the other hand, has actually 20 hearts (40 health). That way an Enderman deserve to survive a 42 block fall!

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The preferably height, together I remember it, is 22 blocks for a skeleton. This should leave them with 1/2 a heart left, so that they have the right to be killed by a single punch.

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There is a formula - number of mobs health altogether (Half a heart) -1 +3 then you will obtain how plenty of blocks the can autumn with fifty percent a love left! This is a easy pointer to do your own mob grinder!

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