Oftentimes we hear the voice the young musical talents on the airwaves, through dancing skills to boot. Together they grow up in your career, us follow their path to maturity wherein their journey either leader to imaginative greatness or into scandals that will certainly leave a mark on your names.

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Mindless behavior is a quartet that talented youngsters that took the music sector by storm, and a legion of largely young female fans complied with them. Packed with energy, superior choreography, and also the catchy fusion of pop, R&B, and also rap, these guys strung heartstrings and also made history until unforeseen detours adjusted their group forever.

So, what really happened to Mindless Behavior? If you space wondering what Mindless habits is doing or increase to now read on.

How The team Mindless Behavior Got began in Music

First off Mindless actions stemmed indigenous an audition organized by the CEO of associate Entertainment Inc. Walter Millsap (noted because that his previous work-related with Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Missy Elliott), Vincent “Vince” Herbert (head of streamline Records and also worked through Destiny’s Child, Hi-Five, and also Toni Braxton), and also Keisha Gamble. The end of 600 kids, only 4 made the reduced namely:

Jacob Anthony Perez (Princeton) – Born top top April 21 1996 in Los Angeles, California, Princeton hails from an afri American and also Mexican descent. Recognizable for his afro hairdo and also his encourage of dispersing love and also positivity to others. He showed up on commercials of McDonald’s, Nike, and also Skechers, and on the music video clip “Cupid’s Chokehold” of rap rock tape Gym course Heroes.Chresanto august (Roc Royal) – The youngest member the Mindless actions was born top top July 23, 1997 in Los Angeles, California. The met Princeton throughout auditions in 2008 and the pair came to be the first members of the group. At the tender period of eight he began to seek rapping and also dance.Rayan Lopez (Ray Ray) – The second member enlisted to the group. He celebrate his date of birth on January 06, 1996 and also was born in Los Angeles, California. Before joining Mindless actions he danced v Tommy the Clown, a renowned Los Angeles fight dancer and the innovator that the “clowning” run style.Craig Crippen Jr. (Prodigy) – The critical member to sign up with the initial roster was born on December 26, 1996 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That had an early exposure come dancing many thanks to the movie You obtained Served, whose choreographer Dave Scott to be the one who discovered Prodigy top top YouTube. His name involves his fast grasp of brand-new things regarded music and also dancing.

Mindless behavior derived its name from the movement the team is spreading. The hatchet “mindless” disclosure positivity, confidence, and individuality. The boys relate having great grades in school and self-expression together being mindless, and despite their age their songs appeal come the masses regardless if young or old.

After 2 years of practicing dance moves and also songs, the group released their first single “My Girl” on respectable 24, 2010. The tune speaks around a girl’s concern and love together expressed through typically sending message messages. Your energetic second single “Mrs. Right” to be released ~ above June 28, 2011 and featured rapper LL Cool J and actor Mike Epps top top its music video. “My Girl” got to the number 16 spot on the R&B/Hip-Hop graph of us Billboard, and also “Mrs. Right” arrived on number eight in ~ the very same chart and number 72 on the united state Billboard hot 100.

With your music videos, regular appearances on radio shows and Black to chat Television’s (BET) music video show 106 & Park, Mindless Behavior’s growing fame did not go unnoticed. The guys toured through several large names ~ above the sector like the Backstreet Boys’ This Is united state Tour, Justin Bieber’s My world Tour, Jason Derulo’s human being Tour, and Janet Jackson’s Number Ones tourism as the sole opening act.

During the BET’s Closer come My desires Tour on July 28, 2011, Mindless behavior headlined the television channel’s first ever tour in addition to other other rising stars namely Diggy Simmons, Jawan Harris, Lil Twist, Trevante, and also Tyga. The boys performed “Future”, “The One”, and “#1 Girl” donate with specific and synchronized movements that left the audience cheering and also thrilled. Mrs singer Ciara was lugged as a unique guest because that the “My Girl” remix, and rapper Diggy join the quartet for their hit song “Mrs. Right:”.

Prior come a brand-new year in school, Mindless actions released your debut album ~ above September 20, 2011 titled #1 Girl. On its very first week the album sold 36,000 copies and entered the Billboard 200 record chart in ~ number seven. The album garnered hopeful reviews, many notably in the brand-new York Times, and also the lead solitary “My

Girl” discovered a ar in Billboard’s optimal 40 R&B/Hip-Hop song chart, not to mention the numerous views gathered online.

During the later months of 2011 the boys took component in The shout Tour along with Diggy Simmons, Jacob Latimore, Hamilton Park, and the OMG Girls. They likewise performed in the spirit Train Awards in November 2011. The boys likewise appeared in the E! one-of-a-kind Countdown To: Mindless actions that showcased your career heights with never before seen clips, interviews, and backstage footage.

Afterwards the group released a holiday-themed single “Christmas with My Girl”. On February the adhering to year they released “Valentine’s Girl”, another solitary in time because that the season that love.

The team had your debut tour hosted in the uk in 2012, through one concert in London’s IndigO2 cut short due come a group surge that led to several injuries. On July 05, 2012 Mindless behavior embarked on their very first headlining tour titled #1 Girl Tour. Indigenous Richmond, Virginia come Oakland, California, the tour extended one month and 13 job in 25 cities v guest stars Jacob Latimore, Kayla Brianna, and Lil’ Twist.

June 2012 witnessed the guys performing at the bet Awards wherein they also took home their first ever Pepsi-Cola Viewers an option Award.

Mindless actions released “Keep she on the Low” top top January 22, 2013 together the very first single the their following album, All about The World. Their second single “All about The World’ was released on march 01, 2013 and also was contrasted to the Justin Bieber song of the very same name as result of its popularity. The album was released on in march 12, 2013 through renowned rapper Soulja young featured on one of its tracks, “I Lean”. Top top its first week, the album sold 37,000 copies and reached number 6 on Billboard 200 and peaked in ~ the number one clues of Billboard’s peak R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. In ~ the exact same time, a documentary based upon the group was released title Mindless Behavior: All around the people that told their story beginning from their life before the auditions.

Their third single “Used to Be” was brand-new territory for the boys together it dwelled ~ above break-ups, compared to your songs that space always around amazing relationships and also bright futures. Plenty of perceive their 2nd album vastly different to their first due to their maturing voices, manlier outfits in music videos, yet still the guys remained an excellent role models because that the fans.

The Downfall and split-up of Mindless Behavior

The following months saw major changes in the group. In November 2013, Prodigy left the group to shot his hand ~ above a solo career together announced by his mom on his Instagram account. He was changed by Elijah “EJ” Johnson, the 16-year-old singer native Detroit who had experience as Simba in the landmark music The Lion King.

On July 2014 a video clip circulated online reflecting Roc imperial in a physics altercation with one more man due to unclear reasons. Roc royal posted ~ above Twitter that human being only know fifty percent of the story, specifically only what was displayed on video.

Five months later, Roc royal was tagged together the key suspect after ~ the BMW 325i of producer chris Clark went missing while on a studio session v the Mindless behavior member. Clark left his secrets on the studio i beg your pardon disappeared together with his car and Roc Royal. He dubbed the latter, whose refusal come cooperate finished with Clark going to the authorities. Rumors that Roc Royal having actually a child additionally swirled. ~ a month he to be fired from the team and, according to Roc royal himself, he was never offered a opportunity to explain himself and was just fired v a message message.

What the members of Mindless behavior are doing now in 2018


Roc Royal now pursues his own solo music career under a new name $anto August.

Prodigy returned to Mindless habits near the end of 2014, but again left ~ a brief while.

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On June 2015, the band announced their new member and also Roc Royal’s replacement as Michael “Mike” River”, an created dancer and recording artist. Along with this announcement, the group revealed samples for your upcoming 3rd album Recharge, slated because that a 2015 release. The samples verified the boys in a maturation light, reflecting how much they’ve come.