The Dove has actually seemingly inexhaustible sources of symbolic odor throughout many histories, cultures and also myth.

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Doves are frequently considered a symbol of motherhood due to the fact that of their unique capability to produce their own milk. One more confirmation about maternal attributes, as well as self-sacrifice for the benefits of your offspring, is that they stop foraging for food just before their babies space born. This temporary starvation ensures a purer milk formulation for their offspring.

Historically, dove symbolism is associated with several mommy figures:

The mommy Mary in Christian legend (care, devotion, purity and also peace)Ishtar in Assyrian culture (promise the hope and also salvation)Aphrodite and also Venus (viewing the heart or a feeling of higher love)

The easy lulling coos of the dove room testimony come a divinely calming presence amongst us. In fact, your soft vocalizations and docile appearance improves their interpretation as celestial messengers – or the symbolic link in between earth and air. The dove is a price of the soul’s release from its earth-bound duty.

On earth, they are intimately aware of their environment and also demonstrate a highly developed sense of presence. As creatures of both the earth and the air, doves serve as liaisons between intuitive thought and common reality. This capacity to move in between two human beings (sky and also earth), bird totems room uniquely posed come funnel higher knowledge down to our human mindful awareness. They attach intangible learning (thought, dreams, intuition) with physical practicality (hearth, home, security). Doves represent the balance between thought (air) and also matter (earth).

Bridging this link between the greater mind and the more practical level in which us live renders the dove a perfect guide for dream interpretation as well. Bird totems offer inspiration merged with a grounding facet to make brand-new ideas implementable.


The dove represents tranquility of the deepest kind. The soothes and also quiets our concerned or troubled thoughts, enabling us to uncover renewal in the silence of the mind. The dove’s to sing is many prevalent when the veils in between the physical and spiritual worlds are thought to it is in at their thinnest – an initial thing in the morning and also last thing at night – again representing a link between two divergent domains.

Doves teach united state that, nevertheless of outside circumstances, tranquility is always a touch a method – within united state – and constantly available. It is stated that if a dove flies into your life, you room being request to go within and also release your emotional disharmony. The dove helps united state to rid the trauma save on computer deep in ~ our to move memory. Doves carry the energy of promise. Once inner problems are banished from ours thoughts, words and feelings, kindness awaits.

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The dove’s duties as heart messenger, maternal symbol and also liaison impart an inner peace that helps us to go around our stays calmly and also with purpose.