Welcome to the internet, Saint West. Top top Monday morning, social media queen Kim Kardashian West uploaded the very first photo of her son, who has just as obscure a name together his sister, North. However, the Kardashian Wests aren"t the only ones picking peculiar names for your newborns. 

Celebrities roughly the human being pick part brow-raising name for your children, that seem to be famous prior to they"re even born in the first place. Countless guessed even if it is Kardashian West"s 2nd child would certainly follow suit, v an accordingly named "South" or "East." However, despite what some can think, there appears to be some type of thought procedure which walk behind picking distinctive names for their spawn. 

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Saint West isn"t the just celebrity called Saint. Follow to Glamour, musician Pete Wentz"s second child is called Saint Lazslo, actress Selma Blair"s son was called Arthur Saint in 2011; fact TV stars thomas Ravenel and also Kathryn Dennis provided birth come Saint Julien in 2015 and Foo fighters frontman Dave Grohl named his daughter Ophelia Saint. 

Kardashian West, that has talked publicly about the complications she has challenged in both of she pregnancies, watch the bear of her 2nd child as a miracle, follow to E!: The name Saint has clear biblical connotations, perfectly in line v the gospel-like theme for Kanye West"s latest album, The Life the Pablo

Blue Ivy Carter

Fans were shocked when superstar Beyoncé and rap mogul Jay Z announced the surname of their an initial daughter, Blue Ivy. The surname didn"t seem come make any sense to many, and also seemed together if the two were trying come create unnecessary attention for themselves. 

A further look right into the an interpretation of your daughter"s name, however, reveals it"s inspired by the couple"s biggest achievements in life before her. "Blue" comes from Jay Z"s album The Blueprint, the album which identified the hip-hop artist"s career, while "Ivy" represents the roman numeral for 4 (IV), the location of Beyoncé"s last album before giving birth to she daughter. 

Apple Martin

"Right, well, um, usually it was since when us were very first pregnant, she daddy said, if it"s, basically at some point he simply said, "If it"s a girl, i think she name must be Apple,"" Gwyneth Paltrow told Oprah around her daughter"s straightforward yet strange surname in 2004, according to Cracked. "And ns just, it sounded so sweet, and it conjures together a lovely picture for me, you know apples room so sweet and also they"re wholesome, and it"s biblical and also it"s just, they"re so, and I simply thought it sounded so lovely."

Perhaps no the most thought out reason, however at the very least there"s something behind Apple"s an initial name. 

Royal power Jones Neil

Does this one need lot an explanation? royal Reign"s mommy, laboratory powerhouse Lil" Kim, will forever be considered one that the emperors of rap, hip-hop and music in general. She characterized her voice, style and attitude when paving the way for several artists choose Nicki Minaj, reigning end the rap market throughout she peak. 

Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale

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Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale might look prefer a run-on sentence at first, yet musicians Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale"s third child"s name has actually a most family background packed into it. As soon as the 2 artist"s an initial revealed your newborn"s surname in 2014, Rossdale notified Twitter Bowie and also Flynn room both Stefani"s and his mothers" maiden names.