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G'yeah, now that's several of that actual gangsta shitComin' indigenous an original nigga from the Compton streetsMC Eiht's in the mothafuckin house, G'yeahAnd right about now, fifty percent Ounce in the mothafuckin houseMC Eiht, DJ SlipMy niggas top top the run, little Hawking BirdG'yeahOne more nigga on the runI just can't handle this, born in the floor of the scandalousThirteen years of age at the timeMoms ain't kickin' in, ns gots to get mineI loads up mine strap, sketch my planChoose my victim, then mothafuckin' stick himOne more point that gained scored because that the hoodUp to no damn good, understood?Snaps is gaining low so i gots to acquire some mo'Loads increase the K, an outbreak the back do'You understand the routine, so punk fool, below we goSame bat channel, store your mothafuckin' hand up on the dashAnd offers up the cashOne times is making a move on mine ass (G'yeah)But ns ain't sweating it due to the fact that ain't shit funnyBecause it's every For The Money
G'yeahI gots to gain mine, so I'ma take yoursI gots to obtain mine, so I'ma take yoursG'yeah, G'yeah, G'yeahJust speak to me the come up kid, GHard times kicking the in the C-P-TSo that means I gotta perform what ns gotta doAnd if girlfriend ain't down v The Hype, crap youYou're coming up quick when I'm stompingSo as soon as I hit her corner, you're gonna be a gonerNigga duck when my nine starts come buckIn it because that the breaks so I'm crazy together fuckI need to be laying low cause one time is genuine hotNeed to make a knot so ns rush her spotAnd it's like that when I gained the feelin'If girlfriend don't kill, someone else go the killin'So when you fight the finish of the roadway ain't no transforming backI excellent signed a hood life time contractJackin' and also packin' cause ain't shit funnyBecause it's all For The MoneyG'yeahI gots to get mine, therefore I'ma take yoursI gots to get mine, for this reason I'ma take it yoursG'yeah, G'yeah, G'yeah

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Uh oh, there goes one more beep top top the beeperOne time sleep ~ above the fucking night creeperTrying to show stop ~ above the salesPull fake braids but I still it s okay paidJust say no? fuck the TVTrying to push the shit cause the load is exceededSee me because that the blast, Five-oh fly in fastMad cause I'm making much more cash 보다 they assNow ns lay low in the cutLabel me the nigga through the fucking gangsta strutEvery hooptie acquired gold patent platesMy bird fly the end throughout the fucking statesNow my other fifty percent is informing me I'd much better quitBut i ain't v in this shit, so ns guess this is itI'll be dead before I walk out like a dummy(Why's that, G?) reason it's every For The MoneyI gots to acquire mine, for this reason I'ma take it yours (Repeat 6x)