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Amanda Blake offered the perfect answer because that why Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty never married

"She"d drift the end of dodge if it weren"t because that Matt Dillon."


When Gunsmokefirst ended up being a TV present in 1955, Amanda Blake want in. According to The brand-new York Times, the actress once claimed in an interview ~ securing her part on the long-running Western, "I knew I had to have the part of Kitty, so ns hounded the producer till I acquired it."

The speak goes that a girl to know what she wants, and also for the actress, she end-game was clear: A huge fan that the radio drama, she wanted to beat Kitty to James Arness" Matt Dillon, and also that to be that. Yet the real question for longtime Gunsmoke fans might be: go she desire the two characters to get together in the end? The prize to the is decidedly no, and also Blake"s reasoning for why will certainly tickle fans of classic TV.

In very early interview from 1960, Blake saidshe currently knew the couple were never meant to be. According to Blake, referencing she character Kitty:


"She"d love Matt to say, "Kitty, let"s purchase a hunk o" land and raise part beans and also kids." yet then we"d have I Love Lucy out West."


Of course, Gunsmoke walk on among the longest operation in TV history, extending 15 years past Blake"s at an early stage interview before the series ended in 1975. And also still, Blake"s contact was certain correct, even that beforehand on. It shows how well she knew not just the drama she starred on, but additionally the source material that sprang from.

In his own interview, Arness also took time to spell the end that the relationship wouldn"t work, "I think they felt that you might only walk so far with it, and then you"d have to adjust the character and also nature the the show. If you have Matt and Kitty have actually an onscreen love affair, then, friend know, they"d have actually to get married, and then you"d have a various show there."

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Later on in the Blake interview, she did conceed that although Kitty would never ever marry Matt, "she"d drift out of dodge if that weren"t because that Matt Dillon."So the love is just as genuine as fans hope, it"s just also a tiny complicated. And ain"t that simply the way in the Old West?

In genuine life, Amanda Blake it s her didn"t really date either. She revealed in the interview that quite simply, she preferred her life the means it was, without any men interfering v her occupational as an actress. She Gunsmoke co-star Milburn Stone, who plays she close confidant top top the present Doc Adams, also became she closest girlfriend in the actual world, and also according come him, Blake was appropriate on around dedicating her life come finessing her talent. Stone said, "Without Amanda, it wouldn"t it is in Gunsmoke, and also that"s a fact."


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