"The day" is your birthday, and also if it returns "many times" it method that you will live come be rather an old person.

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Wikipedia defines the phrase as follows:

The ax itself describes the pass year. Due to the fact that the 18th century this has been used as a salutation to sell the hope that a happy day being significant would recur many an ext times. The is now mostly used on birthdays; before the mid 19th century it to be used much more generally, at any type of celebratory or festive event. Current usage is frequently as a much more formal choice than "Happy Birthday". That is likewise often to be uncovered on greetings cards.


An alternative explanation is that "returns" here is offered in the feeling of "yield" or "profit" that it is still uncovered in "investment returns". Thus "many happy returns of the day" would certainly be a wishing a person a rewarding day, complete of happiness.

The an initial explanation suggests we are wishing the their birthday will certainly return many more times - in various other words, "May girlfriend live long".

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