The lord Of The Rings: Each main Character's an initial And Last heat In The Movie Franchise Peter Jackson"s mr of the ring trilogy brought J.R. Tolkien"s beloved personalities to life. Relive the arcs of Frodo and also co. V their dialogue.

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In among the most ambitious undertakings in Hollywood history, Peter Jackson ceded a stunning and epic adaptation the J.R. Tolkien"s Lord the the Rings story. The three movies were shot back-to-back and also the franchise became one of the most acclaimed and beloved movie trilogies of every time.

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It is fairly an unforgettable cinematic experience to follow these personalities on their great and trembling journey across Middle-earth to defeat the pressures of darkness. Looking ago at all three movies, it"s fascinating come see just how the characters readjust through their journey based upon the an initial and final lines castle speak top top screen.

10 Boromir: very first – "You"re No Elf." last – "I would Have followed You, mine Brother… mine Captain… mine King."

Boromir is the just member of the Fellowship to die in the journey. Though he just lasts because that one movie, he is provided a memorable arc. He first appears in Rivendell wherein he meets Aragorn and is surprised to see another member of the gyeongju of guy there.

Though the is at first dismissive that Aragorn and also his supposed claim to the throne, Boromir"s final line shows that he has changed. After a heroic last stand that leaves him filled v arrows, Boromir heartbreakingly acknowledges Aragorn together his king before dying.

Meriadoc merry Brandybuck
Meriadoc Brandybuck, or Merry for short, is presented as a mischievous and also troublemaking Hobbit living in the Shire. He is introduced throughout Bilbo"s cool birthday bash stealing few of Gandalf"s fireworks.

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Merry slowly becomes much more level-headed and also heroic transparent the journey and also even joins the various other heroes in their fight versus Sauron"s forces. Though he shows up throughout the final scenes, his final talked line is in fight as he cheers in victory as that sees that Frodo has ruined the ring.

Peregrin Took, better known together Pippin, is Merry"s finest friend and also another Hobbit who is an ext likely to cause trouble than to be of any kind of help. His accident-prone nature come out as he lamp a firework inside a tent that provides for a huge explosion.

Like Merry, Pippin matures transparent the trilogy and also is additionally in the midst of the final battle. He is heard crying out once the eagles come to aid fight against Sauron"s forces.

7 Gollum: first - "My Precious." critical - "Precious."

Lord that the rings Gollum
despite he i do not care a really important character in the next two movies, we never ever really gain a good look in ~ Gollum in The Fellowship of the Ring. However, once he is introduced in the movie"s prologue, Gollum is heard eerily whispering his iconic lone as he speak to the ring.

Given the it is Gollum"s obsession through the ring that drives his character, it provides sense that his last line also speaks come this aspect of him. Standing above the volcano, Gollum finally takes the ring indigenous Frodo and cherishes that return before falling right into the lava below.

maybe the most skilled fighter in the Fellowship is the Elf Legolas, who becomes a loyal friend and ally come Aragorn. He first speaks during the council of Elrond when Boromir disregards Aragorn as a only ranger. Together he sticks up because that Aragorn, that cements the relationship between the 2 heroes.

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Legolas likewise has a very entertaining connection with Gimli together they enjoy contending with one another. As they stand all set for the last battle, Gimli says he never expected to die standing alongside an Elf, yet Legolas claims he is standing beside a friend.

5 Gimli: first - "Then What space We waiting For?" last – "Aye, I might Do That."

Gimli is no the friendliest member of the Fellowship, however he proves to it is in a fearless fighter no issue what risk they come increase against. In fact, that is an ext likely come fight prior to thinking as we view in his an initial scene during the council of Elrond when he tries to damage the ring single-handedly.

Gimli"s last exchange with Legolas is a an excellent moment that reflects his gruff exterior fade away because that a moment. As Legolas asks the if the is ready to die next to a friend, Gimli earnestly responds the he can.

Ian McKellen yielded yet an additional iconic performance, this time together the good wizard Gandalf, among the most an effective members that the Fellowship. We very first meet Gandalf together he is arriving in the Shire for Bilbo"s birthday celebrations.

He is given a fitting farewell as soon as he says goodbye to the young Hobbits as he prepares come travel into the Undying Lands. Before boarding the boat, the turns earlier for Frodo, revealing the young Hobbit will be leaving Middle-earth as well.

3 Aragorn: very first - "You attract Far Too lot Attention come Yourself, mister Underhill." critical - "My Friends, girlfriend Bow come No One."

Aragorn is perhaps the many heroic character in the trilogy and also the man who is in line to be the new king. Frodo and also the various other Hobbits an initial meet Aragorn once he walk by the ranger name of Stryder. That sees Frodo usage the ring come disappear, then warns him about drawing too much attention to himself, thus ending up being his protector.

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After the defeat of Sauron and his forces, Aragorn take away his place as king. Together he is crowned, he is reunited with Frodo and also company. In among the many emotional moment in the trilogy, he tells them they need not bow come anyone prior to he bows to them.

in ~ the center of the Lord the the Rings movie is the tiny Hobbit character of Frodo Baggins. He resides a peaceful life in the Shire with his uncle Bilbo and his friends. Together Gandalf come in the Shire, Frodo excitedly greets him and also jokingly chastises him because that being late.

After speak goodbye to his other Hobbit friends and sailing off, Frodo"s last lines are spoken in narration come Sam. He explains that that left the final pages in his book empty as it is currently Sam who will continue the story.

1 Sam: an initial - "I Think I"ll just Have an additional Ale." last - "Well, I"m Back."

Samwise Gamgee walk on rather an extraordinary trip throughout the trilogy. The is not lot of a risk-taker as soon as he first appears together he chooses to drink one more ale fairly than ask the girl he has actually a like on because that a dance.

In the last moments of the trilogy, we follow Sam earlier to his house where he has married that exact same girl and had two youngsters with her. As he and also the audience reflect on how far he has come, the delivers the series" final fitting line and also goes home.

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