where is a great quote in Lord that the Flies to show how Jack supplies violence to acquire control and also dominance?
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In chapter 5, Jack cries:

“Bollocks to the rules! We’re strong—we hunt! If there’s a beast, we’ll hunt it down! fine close in and beat and beat and also beat—!”

This bold assertion of violence excites the hearne boys, and they answers approvingly, "full the noise and also excitement, scramblings, screams and...

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In thing 5, Jack cries:

“Bollocks to the rules! We’re strong—we hunt! If yes sir a beast, we’ll hunt the down! fine close in and also beat and also beat and beat—!”

This bold assertion of violence excites the hearne boys, and also they answer approvingly, "full that noise and excitement, scramblings, screams and laughter."

When the novel opens, choir leader Jack is angry and sulky due to the fact that he is not chosen leader. In ~ that allude though he reflects a willingness come follow civilized rules and also norms. Together time goes on that realizes that giving into his lust because that violence and also rule-breaking is a potent source of power. The can gain followers and do what he wants the much more savage and autocratic his behavior becomes. That recognizes the in the absence of adult authority, there is no one to placed a avoid to his violence.

Jack, the Hitler number in the novel, abandons logic, reason, and the preeminence of law. Instead, the appeals to the many atavistic, "primitive" desire in the boys and also encourages them to let their ids operation loose. His society of hunting, violent ritual, cruelty, sadism, wild dancing, and also body painting is for this reason alluring that wins the end over Ralph and Piggy"s less entrancing civilization of rationality, foresight, and decency. Left come their very own devices, the boys just follow the one who permits them to give into the impulses the the moment.

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By the end of the novel Jack"s leadership collection the island ~ above fire, which, ironically, captures the fist of the British ship that concerns rescue them.