Numbers, stats, and also figures space an integral part of the hockey viewing experience. The video game is rife through scoring slumps, warm streaks, losing skids, and also dynastic follow me of winning.The thing is, not all streaks are produced equal. Sometimes remarkable individual accolades take facility stage as one certain player lamp the organization on fire. Throughout the 2018-19 season, Patrick Kane was the player when he tallied 43 points throughout a 20-game suggest streak the spanned throughout two months.On the various other hand, groups are additionally capable the embarking top top streaks, good and bad. The Tampa bay Lightning and also Buffalo Sabres both winner 10 gamings in a heat this past season, if the Anaheim Ducks lost 12 continually games between December and also January. If these instances are notable in their own right, this item is walking to walk over the most impressive streaks in NHL history. That will include some that the most awe-inspiring feats that hockey has ever seen, as well as some of the most laughable instances the hopelessness.Without further ado, let’s walk streaking.

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Wayne Gretzky’s 51-Game suggest Streak

Wayne Gretzky was a video clip game come to life. An post could be made solely about the innumerable streaks and also records he developed throughout his legend career. Nevertheless, his 51-game point streak during the 1983-84 season seemed prefer the ideal beginning point because that this piece.
Wayne Gretzky’s 51-game suggest streak is arguably the most phenomenal document in NHL history. (Photo through B Bennett/Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images)
Gretzky began on the ideal foot, scoring a goal and also an assist throughout a 5-4 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs in the an initial game the the season. From that day onwards, Gretzky would record a allude in his following 50 continuous games, a stretch that spanned nearly four full months. During the streak, Gretzky taped 153 point out (61 goals, 92 assists). That alone would have actually been the 15th highest-scoring season in NHL history. He finished the 1983-84 season through 205 points, and he was held pointless in just three of the 74 games he played. Gretzky additionally produced one more marvelous streak from 1979-80 come 1986-87, as soon as he recorded the Hart Memorial Trophy in eight directly seasons.Mario Lemieux was Gretzky’s closestly competition once he had actually a 46-game point streak of his very own in 1989-90. Aside from that, Gretzky also owns the 3rd and fourth-longest point streaks in NHL history, reaching 39 and 30 games respectively. In today’s lower-scoring NHL, the 51-game stretch can be a streak that stands the test of time.

Flyers’ 35-Game untouched Streak

George “Chief” Armstrong to be the captain the the last Maple Leafs team to victory the Stanley Cup (George Armstrong/THW Archives).
The brand-new York Rangers host the record for the longest Stanley Cup drought of all-time, as their streak extended 54 seasons (1939-40 to 1993-94). Alas, the rangers went to 3 Stanley Cup Finals amid your drought. The reason the Leafs acquire the spot on this perform is the they have not returned to the championship series since they won it all earlier on might 2, 1967.They have had some nearby calls, many notably the notorious Conference Finals loss come the Los Angeles kings in 1992-93. Likewise, they possess among the much more talented rosters in the league at the moment of this piece. Unfortunately, till they take it the Stanley Cup top top a championship parade float under Bay Street, they’ll continue to be haunted by one of the much more harrowing streaks in NHL history.

Canadiens’ 5 Consecutive Stanley Cups

The most decorated franchise in NHL history is unquestionably the Montreal Canadiens. Your 23 Stanley Cup championships – plus an additional victory in 1915-16 prior to the development of the NHL – are the many by a vast margin.Related: Do You recognize Your Canadiens Trivia?They have had actually an astounding lot of legendary players throughout the years which led to multiple versions of a Canadiens’ dynasty. Indigenous 1975-76 to 1978-79, the Canadiens won 4 straight Stanley cups on the backs of players like guy Lafleur, Ken Dryden, and Larry Robinson. While that streak is spectacular in its very own right, the Habs to be even far better during the 1950s.
Maurice Richard and also Jean Beliveau after ~ winning the Stanley Cup in 1958. (Maurice Richard/THW Archives).
Between 1955-56 and also 1959-60, the Canadiens won 5 consecutive Stanley Cups. No NHL team, before or after, has ever achieved that feat. Through Jean Beliveau, Maurice and also Henri Richard, Dickie Moore, Doug Harvey, Bernie Geoffrion, and also Jacques Plante every on the roster throughout the streak, it was no surprised that the team to be so dominant. This dynasty also owns an additional record-setting streak, together they do it to the Stanley Cup final in 10 consecutive periods (1950-51 come 1959-60). Your stretch of dominance coincided with the original Six era, so only two playoff series had to be won to hoist the Stanley Cup. Regardless, the does no take away from the thin magnificence of the team. Nowadays, the NHL is identified with parity, which provides this streak all but impossible come match.

Senators’ 38-Game Road losing Streak

The Ottawa Senators’ inaugural season in 1992-93 to be a historical screen of inferiority. Remarkably, the Sens winner their an initial game the the season versus the ultimate Stanley Cup champion Montreal Canadiens. From that point on, the Sens would win just nine the their following 83 gamings en course to a disastrous 10-70-4 record.The roster was an eclectic team of rag-tag veterans and also uninspiring youth, together the expansion draft was a far cry from what that is today. Defensemen share Maciver led the team in scoring, registering 63 points. That was one of the just bright point out on the lackluster squad. Netminding was likewise awful, as beginning goaltender Peter Sidorkiewicz had actually a laughable season. He posted an 8-46-3 record, 4.43 goals-against average, and also .856 conserve percentage.
The an initial game in contemporary Senators’ history via SportsNet.Despite all their dismal benchmarks, your play far from residence was by much the most miserable. Between Oct. 10, 1992, and also Apr. 3, 1993, the team shed 38 straight gamings on the road, before snapping the effective streak in the fourth-last dispute of the season. For reference, because 2000-01, no team has lost more than eight road games in a row.The Senators finished with a 1-41-0 record on the road, the worst mark in NHL history. They created an equally horrendous minus-129 score differential on adversary ice. Nowadays, with favorable expansion rules, these lowly numbers seem impossible to replicate. Thankfully, the Senators controlled to collect a potent variety of talent transparent the next few seasons and also became a perennial playoff formation to start the 2000s. Anyhow, the road streak will certainly last with hockey fans because that the foreseeable future for all of the not correct reasons.

Glenn Hall’s Consecutive video game Streak

Glenn room arguably has the many impressive streak on this list. In between 1955-56 and also 1962-63, “Mr. Goalie” started, and finished, 502 regular-season games in a row. While the statistic alone is a masterful display screen of endurance, it becomes even much more impressive to know that the did not wear a mask for any kind of of those contests. Furthermore, he also completed 49 right playoff games during the iron-man streak, pass the complete to a staggering 551 games. Related: The best of “Mr. Goalie” valley HallHall started his career through the Detroit Red Wings, usurping other Hall-of-Famer terry Sawchuck for the beginning job. He winner the Calder Trophy as the league’s top rookie in 1955-56 and earned a point out on the NHL’s 2nd All-Star Team. Hall complied with up his success through a sparkling effort in 1956-57, leading the NHL through 38 wins when posting a .928 save percentage.He join the Chicago Blackhawks in 1957-58, transporting them to a Stanley Cup championship in 1960-61. He posted an 8-4 record in the playoffs, come go along with a .927 save percentage and also 2.02 goals-against average. He pioneered the butterfly format of goaltending the is common today, combine his lightning-quick reflexes with new techniques.
Glenn room in the 1965-66 NHL All-Star game (Glenn Hall/THW Archives).
While his streak will most likely remain in record publications forever, Hall likewise had a boatload of various other accolades transparent his storied career. His seven selections come the NHL first All-Star Team space the many by a goalie in NHL history. He also was called to the NHL second All-Star Team on four separate occasions. Hall won 3 Vezina Trophies, led the organization in wins in three various seasons, and became inducted come the Hockey room of call in 1975-76. That was also named one of the 100 best NHL Players earlier in 2017.Hall is responsible for among the more storied careers in NHL history. His dedication to the video game was unwavering, and the success he had with three different teams is incredible. While his streak might be the many memorable facet of his legacy, there are a plethora of factors to reflect on “Mr. Goalie.”

Bruins’ 29-Straight Playoff Appearances

The sporting see in phibìc America has actually been decorated v extraordinary dynasties that resonate through fans forever. It might surprise part to find out that the Boston Bruins, between 1967-68 and also 1995-96, have actually the longest playoff appearance streak out of all the teams in professional North American sports.
Winnipeg jet captain Lars-Erik Sjoberg tote the Avco Cup as the remainder of the team celebrates in the background ~ winning the civilization Hockey combination (WHA) Championship. (Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Penguins’ 17-Game win Streak

We now go from one horrid team streak to a superb one. The Pittsburgh Penguins had won back-to-back Stanley cups ahead the the 1992-93 season. Their roster was similar to one All-Star team, v Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Ron Francis, Paul Coffey, and also Kevin Stevens top the charge.
Mario Lemieux was one of the most gifted football player in NHL history. (Photo through Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images)
Unfortunately, Lemieux arisen Hodgkin’s an illness halfway through the season and missed 24 games. When the Penguins managed to remain afloat without your captain, lock were no the very same powerhouse v him sidelined. Thankfully, Lemieux changed on Mar. 2, and also on Mar. 9 the Penguins beat the Boston Bruins 3-2, their very first of 17 directly wins with just 18 games left in the season.The streak enabled them come surpass the Montreal Canadiens as they finished v the ideal record in the NHL in ~ 56-21-7. Lemieux was superhuman down the stretch, posting 51 points during the 17 wins. He score a mindboggling 160 points in just 60 games that season, to win his fourth scoring title despite missing so much time through cancer.Related: A Tribute come the splendid Mario LemieuxAfter dispatching the the brand-new Jersey Devils in 5 games in the opened round that the playoffs, the Penguins to be stunningly knocked off by the brand-new York Islanders in 7 games. It is one of the greatest playoff upsets of every time and put an end to the Penguins’ dynasty. In spite of the surprising complete to the season, the Penguins’ 17 video game win streak is among the best team accomplishments in NHL history.

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Final Word

Some honorable mentions ns failed to encompass were Doug Jarvis’ 964 continually games and also the Montreal Canadiens win 10-straight overtime games in the 1993 Playoffs.What various other streaks did ns miss? let me understand in the comments below or uncover me top top Twitter

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