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It’s to be said, “all good things must pertained to an end.” and while this may very fine be among the most inescapable truths the life has to offer, the doesn’t average we have to like it. Especially when that “end” requires impressive winning streaks and also the world of sports.

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Prior to their meeting through the Oregon ducks this past Thursday, the Arizona Wildcats held the longest energetic home-court winning streak in all of college basketball. However that operation — 49 straight gamings — officially pertained to an end when the Ducks entered Tucson and toppled the cat by a score of 83-75.

Despite spearheading the an initial team to defeat Arizona at McKale facility in 3 years, Oregon head coach Dana Altman couldn’t have actually been more gracious and also humble when pointing out the routine his Ducks had just vanquished.

“I mean, 49 gamings is unbelievable,” said Altman, “Our program, we’ve been chasing Arizona, and also we still are. This is the regime that’s setting the traditional right now in the Pac-12. It’s not even debatable.”

We couldn’t agree through Altman much more — 49 gamings is beyond impressive. And also it got us thinking about other college basketball division I records; special, the ones including home-court to win streaks.

After doing a bit of research, we found that, when 49 consecutive house wins is nothing to sneeze at, it actually pales in comparison to the longest streaks the sports has ever before seen. With that, here’s a look at the 4 longest home-court winning streaks in college basketball history.

4. Cincinnati

Brian Bahr/Allsport/Getty ImagesWins: 84Seasons: 1957-64

From the 1957-58 season until the 1963-64 season, the Cincinnati Bearcats — not the ones pictured above, clearly — were nearly invincible on their home floor. During this specific seven-season span, under both George Smith and Ed Jucker, the Bearcats winner 84 consecutive games in prior of the Cincy faithful at Armory Fieldhouse. For great measure, the program additionally took residence back-to-back titles in 1961 and 1962. In the end, the streak would be broken on December 7, 1963 once the Bearcats experienced a 51-47 loss at the hands of the Kansas Jayhawks.


Wins: 98Seasons: 1970-76

The UCLA Bruins are among the biggest — if not the greatest — program in the background of university basketball. Aside from an NCAA-best 11 national championships, the Bruins likewise took no detainees on their residence court in ~ Pauley Pavilion, winning 98 straight games from the 1970-71 season until the 1975-76 season. Eventually, however, that streak would concerned an end on February 21, 1976, when the Bruins fell to the Oregon ducks 65-45.

2. St. Bonaventure

Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesWins: 99Seasons: 1948-61

The Bonnies of St. Bonaventure have never winner a nationwide championship. And also yet, regardless of this disappointed fact, this exclusive university in new York still holds a special place in college basketball lore, many thanks to the second-longest home-court win streak of all time. Indigenous 1948 come 1961, the Bonnies winner a amazing 99 straight gamings on their home floor. This run finally pertained to an finish on February 25, 1961, when St. Bonaventure fell to the Niagara purple Eagles 88-77.

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1. Kentucky

Wins: 129Seasons: 1943-55

In what must be a surprise to no one, university basketball’s record for the longest home-court winning streak belong to among the sports’ perennial blue bloods: the Kentucky Wildcats. Led by legendary head coach Adolph Rupp, the Wildcats won an unmatched 129 straight home games from 1943-1955. But like we said before, “all great things must come to an end.” and also this exceptional piece that goodness concerned an end on January 8, 1955, once the Wildcats were beat by the Georgia tech Yellow Jackets 59-58.