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Words that start with L

This ar will administer you with much more information ~ above the words that begin with L.

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Interesting notes around the letter :

The letter L is the twelfth letter the the English alphabet.It is a consonant.It renders two sounds – the beginning sound \ le \ as in lie and the ending sound \ il\ together in kindle.The letter l is typical in all locations of words and also commonly doubled, as in holly.The letter L to be lamedh, an ox rod or goad.The Greeks supplied it for lamda (L), and then that was adjusted by the Romans for your letter L.

The following are a pair of instances of words beginning with L.

Animals that start with L

Ladybug: small ring bright-colored and also spotted beetle that generally feeds on aphids and also other insect pestsEvery spring, I see ladybugs flying about our yard.Llama: wild or tamed South American cud-chewing animal related come camels but smaller and also lacking a humpThe llama watch rather like a mix the a horse and a sheep.Lizard: relatively long-bodied reptile through usually 2 pairs the legs and a tapering tailThe lizrd skitted throughout her path and also scared her. 

Places that begin with L

Lobby: a large entrance or reception room or areaInside the store, the lobby was complete of human being waiting come go out the locked doors.Lab: a rectal for the conduct of clinical researchHe desired working in ~ the lab wherein he could concentrate.Lighthouse: a tower with a irradiate that provides warning the shoals come passing shipsWatching the sunset native the lighthouse to be a great idea!

Words that explain people

Laggard: wasting timeI’m so laggard now after every the occupational we did out in the yard yesterday.Lively: full of life and also energyShe seemed lively and happy as she danced on the satge. Lovely: appealing come the emotions and the eyeEverything about the infant was lovely, native his small toes to his button nose. 

Words that define an idea

Longsighted:planning prudently because that the futureHis concepts were longsighted, but unfortunately, the doesn’t help with the problems we have now.Ludicrous: broadly or extravagantly humorous; resembling farceIt was ludicrous come think that she would make it on time during rush hour. Logical: qualified of or showing the ability for correct and valid reasoningThe idea to replace his damaged phone to be logical yet expensive.

Words that describe a place/event

Luminescent: emitting light not brought about by heatThe event was luminescent, lit increase by moonlight and sparkling fireflies.

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Labyrinth: complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is basic to obtain lostWalking through new York seemed like a labyrinth that gravle streets.Loud: characterized by or creating sound of great volume or intensityThe club was loud and also buzzing with energy. Longest native that begin with L