Summer is a wonderful time to revamp things for next year. My daughter could never understand why I was always working on teacher stuff, no matter how many years I had taught a certain grade.

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She felt that things should get easier and therefore the time commitment for "making stuff" less. Even though things did get easier, I was always revamping and trying to make lessons more exciting and current.

I also have this unquenchable drive to learn new things, and really enjoy spending hours designing educational items. It"s like an addictive hobby for me.

Surfing the Net doing research on something that I"m designing, is exciting for me. I feel like I"m on a treasure hunt of sorts, and not a day goes by where I don"t learn something new and extremely interesting.

I think that"s one of the best things about computers, you have an unbelievable resource at your fingertips on just about anything you"re looking for. Thus it goes when I make a word list.

It"s never quite finished, as I"m always discovering new words to add to my lists. Just when I think I"ve exhausted anymore possibilities, another word comes my way and I add it to my notebook, "til I"ve reached a point where it"s worth redoing the published item. I"m going to put this list to rest now as 3,000+ seems pretty comprehensive.

I"ve added over 500 new compound words in this 6th and final update, for a grand total of 3,317 compound words! It"s also in alphabetical order for easy reference. So that your students can make their own compound word dictionaries, I"ve made a helpful dictionary cover template,

I also thought it would be fun to feature a new compound word each day, as an interesting way to count up to 100 Day.

So that your students can make their own compound word dictionaries. After discussing the word, students write it in their personal dictionary. What a quick and easy way to build vocabulary!

To get things rolling, I"ve included a poster for the compound word of the day, as well as a definition of a compound word poster, that you can use as an anchor chart.

Click on the link to view/download the alphabetical list of 3,317 compound words + activities.

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"If you"re doing your best, you won"t have any time to worry about failure." -M. Jackson Brown Jr.