Looking for the cheat of year 1-4 and 5-7 for the Lego harry Potter Collection? This guide has the cheat you space looking for.

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By Karan Pahuja critical updated Dec 22, 2021

Lego harry Potter collection is a video game for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. This game is a collection of the years 1-4 and Years 5-7 Lego harry Potter games. And also Lego games are no fun without cheats. For this reason in this overview let united state take a watch at all Lego take care of Potter collection cheat codes and how to use them.

Lego bother Potter arsenal Cheat Codes


I have damaged down the cheats into two parts for years 1-4 and for year 5-7.

All Lego harry Potter years 1-4 codes for cheats, bricks, and also spells.Accio: VE9VV7Anteoculatia: QFB6NRCalvorio: 6DNR6LColovaria: 9GJ442Engorgio Skullus: CD4JLXEntomorphis: MYN3NBFlipendo: ND2L7WGlacius: ERA9DRHerbifors: H8FTHLIncarcerous: YEB9Q9Locomotor Mortis: 2M2XJ6Multicorfors: JK6QRMRedactum Skullus: UW8LRHRictusempra: 2UCA3MSlugulus Eructo: U6EE8XStupefy: UWDJ4YTarantallegra: KWWQ44Trip Jinx: YZNRF6First gold Brick: QE4VC7Second yellow Brick: FY8H97Third yellow Brick: 3MQT4PFourth gold Brick: PQPM7ZFifth yellow Brick: ZY2CPASixth gold Brick: 3GMTP6Seventh yellow Brick: XY6VYZEighth gold Brick: TUNC4WNinth yellow Brick: EJ42Q6Tenth gold Brick: GFJCV9Eleventh gold Brick: DZCY6GCarrot Wands: AUC8EHCharacter Studs: H27KGCCharacter Token Detector: HA79V8Christmas: T7PVVNExtra Hearts: J9U6Z9Fast Dig: Z9BFADFast Magic: FA3GQAGold Brick Detector: 84QNQNHogwarts comb Detector: TTMC6DIce Rink: F88VUWInvincibility: QQWC6BRed Brick Detector: 7AD7HERegenerate Hearts: 89ML2WSilhouettes: HZBVX7Singing Mandrake: BMEU6XStud Magnet: 67FKWZScore x2: 74YKR7Score x4: J3WHNKScore x6: XK9ANEScore x8: HUFV2HScore x10: H8X69YAll Lego harry Potter cheat codes for Years 5-7Carrot Wands: AUC8EHCharacter Studs: H27KGCCharacter Token Detector: HA79V8Christmas: T7PVVNCollect Ghost Studs: 2FLY6BExtra Hearts: J9U6Z9Fall Rescue: ZEX7MVFast Dig: Z9BFADGold Brick Detector: 84QNQNHogwarts stakes Detector: TTMC6DInvincibility: QQWC6BRed Brick Detector: 7AD7HEScore x2: 74YKR7Score x4: J3WHNKScore x6: XK9ANEScore x8: HUFV2HScore x10: H8X69YSuper Strength: BMEU6X

How to use cheats

You have the right to use cheat password in Lego take care of Potter years 1-4 by complying with the steps given below:

Go come the Diagon Alley hub, climate to the Wiseacres Wizarding Supplies.Once in the building go upstairs, you can enter the cheats on the Chalkboard.

For utilizing cheat codes in Lego bother Potter years 5-7 follow these steps:

Open the key menu.Here select Extra and also go come the cheats section.You can get in the cheats here.

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That sums increase this overview on the Lego bother Potter repertoire cheat codes and how to use them. If you delighted in these cheats then you will discover our other Cheat codes travel guide useful. And for every little thing gaming be sure to inspect out Gamer Tweak.