BLACK VEIL BRIDES Singer ANDY BIERSACK's 'They Don't have to Understand' Memoir Is Now available As one Audiobook

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Singer, songwriter, actor, podcast host and comic publication creator are all explanation that deserve to be provided when talking about BLACK VEIL BRIDES founder Andy Biersack. Currently No. 1-selling writer can also be included to that list through the release of his autobiography "They Don"t should Understand: stories Of Hope, Fear, Family, Life, and also Never providing In" (Rare Bird Books). The book, co-written by longtime collaborator Ryan J. Downey, is at this time the No. 1 relax on Amazon"s best Sellers in rock Music. The book also finds chin at No. 2 in Rock band Biographies, No. 20 in gibbs & entertainer Biographies ~ above Amazon, and has 4.7 out of 5 stars with customer reviews. The audiobook — check out by Biersack — is now accessible everywhere audiobooks are sold or fans deserve to go come come order.

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"I am so thankful for the remarkable reception the publication has had and it way the world to me to recognize that mine story has resonated v so many people all over the world. This totality experience has actually been a dream come true," explains Biersack.

Before he to be the charismatic singer of BLACK VEIL BRIDES and an completed solo artist under the Andy Black moniker, he was Andrew Dennis Biersack, one imaginative and an innovative kid in Cincinnati, Ohio, struggling v anxiety, fear, loneliness, and also the impossible task of fitting in. With his trademark charm, clever wit, and insightful analysis, Biersack tells the story that his childhood and adolescence. The exploration of the imaginative passions that would shape his life, and also his decision to relocate to Hollywood ~ his 18th birthday to make his desires come true, also when it expected living in his auto to do it every a reality. It"s the origin story the one of contemporary rock"s most interesting young superheroes, from building miniature concerts with KISS activity figures in his bedroom come making the RIAA gold-certified solitary "In The End" and connecting v passionate fans worldwide.

Biersack has acted in both film and also television, conceived the graphics novel "The Ghost the Ohio", and co-created "The Andy Show" podcast. Andy has showed up on the consist of of tastemaker absent music publications favor Kerrang!, Alternative Press, Rock Sound and Revolver and also shares contents with numerous followers across social media. He to be the host and also head writer the the 2017 Journeys alternative Press Music Awards. He stays in southerly California v his wife, singer Juliet Simms, and their three pets.

Downey has operated as writer, producer, reporter, host and also editor for a variety of media brands, including MTV News, Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel, IFC, Lionsgate, Hearst Media and also MSNBC. That is the founder that Superhero Artist Management, representing rock bands and producers, and also PopCurse, in southern California.

BLACK VEIL BRIDES are tough at work-related putting the finishing touches on the upcoming album "The Phantom Tomorrow", scheduled for release later on this year via Sumerian Records.

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