A prism that has 5 rectangular deals with and also 2 parallel pentagonal bases is a pentagonal prism. So you are offered the apothem length(a), base length(b) and height(h) of the pentagonal prism. you need to discover the surface location and also the volume of the Pentagonal Prism.

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Examples:Input : a=3, b=5, h=6Output :surchallenge area=225, volume=225Input : a=2, b=3, h=5Output :surconfront area=105, volume=75In this number,a– apothem length of the Pentagonal Prism.b– base size of the Pentagonal Prism.

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h– height of the Pentagonal Prism.Formulas:Below are the formulas for calculating the surchallenge location and also the volume of the Pythagonal Prism. $$ surface Area(A)= 5	imes a	imes b + 5	imes b	imes h $$

$$ Volume(v)= frac52	imes b	imes h $$
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