1979 was a far-reaching year in the background of the NHL (National Hockey League). 1979 was the year the the put on of helmets ended up being mandatory. It was likewise the year that Craig MacTavish started his skilled Hockey job in the NHL.It’s also worth noting that MacTavish was drafted through the Boston Bruins in 1978, signing his contract before the 1979 helmet dominance came right into effect.

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canva.comAesthetics aside, the was thought at the time that helmets raised the players’ opportunities of overheating when playing due to body warm being released through the optimal of the head. More likely the overheating was because of players pushing themselves as well hard and also becoming dehydrated.Hockey players working up a sweat top top the ice space at an increased risk the dehydration due to their gear, so wearing a helmet can end up being quite uncomfortable regardless of the ice cool environment.Helmets additionally limit field of vision, which deserve to be fairly costly in a fast-paced game. If a player is no able to view or hear well while on the ice, their abilities space reduced, and also it can reduced their performance enough to make a difference.Top ↑

Craig MacTavish: The last NHL Player to no Wear a Helmet

Craig MacTavish refers to the reasons mentioned over when inquiry why he refuse to stay a helmet, although he had already become accustomed to wearing a helmet from his college playing days before he moved up to the Boston Bruins in 1979.It was not till MacTavish join the Edmonton Oilers five seasons later that his helmet use stopped. He had actually become an ext and an ext comfortable practicing there is no one, for this reason it appeared to make sense to use that come his expert games.MacTavish walk three seasons without utilizing a helmet, but he walk revert back to put on one in the 1988-89 season. When he stopped after this allude the main reason he mentioned was overheating.MacTavish would obtain so hot that the would obtain physically sick during the game, and also so that decided versus helmets following that season.Luckily, MacTavish did no suffer any injuries come the head because that the whole of his hockey career, and when he retirement in 1997 the closest point he had actually to a helmet to be the hair top top his head.Top ↑
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqkt4SfReMEVideo can’t it is in loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: Craig MacTavish "End to End" goal vs Blackhawks – 1990 Playoffs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqkt4SfReME)
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The contemporary NHL Helmet Rule

The NHL helmet preeminence has not readjusted much with the years, and you have the right to read about it, in addition to other uniform regulations, in the main Rule publication of the NHL. For the most part, players space expected to:Wear a helmet that meets the design, material, and construction standards of the LeagueEither departure the playing surface or conveniently recover the helmet if it comes off throughout playAvoid interfering with other player’s helmetsThe just time it seems to be it s okay for a player to it is in on the ice cream without a helmet is if the player is the goalkeeper, they shed their helmet, and the opposing team has control with an instant opportunity come score.Failing come adhere to these rules can an outcome in varying penalties, but it have the right to also result in injury to the player.

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Final Thoughts

Helmet use in the NHL has been controversial through the years, yet the expertise that helmets defend players from significant injuries and even fatality seems to have sunk in.Now spectators and also players alike have turned their fist to arguing around the verbiage of helmet use throughout games, however neither party appears to refute the safety readily available by safety gear.Top ↑
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