Kevin Bacon led the Footloose cast in a role that would certainly launch his Hollywood career, yet two huge stars were available the gig first.

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The Hollywood veteran, now 60, to be on the cusp that fame once he was actors as Ren McCormack in the top 1984 dance film. Currently he’s a multi compensation winner, Oscar nominee and has a star top top the walk of Fame.

But he practically didn’t acquire the lead component in the movie, which is now streaming on Foxtel to celebrate the 35th anniversary.


Tom Cruise, that was currently established in ~ the time having actually starred in countless Love and Risky Business, was originally readily available the function of Ren.

The producers were supposedly desperate to actors Cruise, but he knocked it earlier because that a scheduling dispute with the 1983 movie every the best Moves.

Thankfully, for Cruise, turning down the big role didn’t hurt his career at all.


Cruise starred in among the most famous movies of every time, height Gun, in 1986 and also quickly ended up being hot residential or commercial property in Hollywood.

The 56-year-old is still among its greatest stars and one the the highest possible paid actors of all time. That is stated to it is in worth about $US550 million ($A759 million).

He’s not the only actor that was reportedly offered the gig.

The studio then turned to teen star rob Lowe, now 54, who gained critical and ubraintv-jp.commercial fist in the 1983 movie The Outsiders.

Directors stated he had the “boyish charm” they to be looking for.

And he most likely would have obtained the role, however while dancing during his 3rd audition he blew out his knee and also was unavailable because that filming.

Lowe has additionally gone on to gain a effective career yet was claimed to it is in distraught at the time.

Another previous teen heart-throb, The Blue Lagoon star Christopher Atkins, currently 57, asserted he was a shoe-in come play the command role, however his wild partying lifestyle cost him the gig.

His career went under the toilet not lengthy after the 1980 breakout movie v Brooke Shields, the gibbs going on to star in several direct-to-DVD movies. And also that’s around it.

Atkins, who married Australian woman Lyn Barron in 1985 prior to divorcing in 2007, now reportedly owns an outdoor sporting activities and also has also patented a fishing lure. He has actually two youngsters with his ex-wife — Grant, 35, and Brittney, 33.

In a 2009 episode of the reality series Confessions, Atkins revealed that was offered the part of Ren ~ above a silver platter but screwed it up.

“I had Footloose, and also I went to meet with the producers and also the director of the movie, yet I was on my means to Palm Springs come go have some fun, however I currently started having actually fun before (the meeting),” he said.

Atkins pictured in Sydney in 2005.

“So, i went in, out of mine mind, and also they experienced this crazy guy and they thought, ‘We can’t perform this movie through this guy’.

“I messed up. Ns was a total idiot. It could have to be a whole different ball video game for me.”

Atkins’ loss to be Bacon’s gain.

After moving to brand-new York in ~ the period of 17 and also struggling to find acting jobs, Bacon waited tables and worked in theatre prior to landing the component of Timothy Fenwick in the critically acclaimed 1982 movie Diner.

This was where he made it onto the radar of Footloose manager Herbert Ross, who convinced producers come go through Bacon. And we wouldn’t have it any kind of other way.

The cult standard movie became an immediate ubraintv-jp.commercial success once it to be released in February 1984, grossing $US80 million domestically with just an $US8 million budget.

Lori Singer play Bacon’s love attention in the flick.

While that did garner a few an important reviews ~ above its release, the flick proceeds to be among the many cherished movie of every time, v the track of the very same title tho getting world on the dancefloor.

Most notably, that made a huge star that Bacon, as well as another A-lister, sarah Jessica Parker, that played the small part of Rusty.

Four years later, a small show dubbed Sex and the City struggle TV screens

Footloose is obtainable to currently on Foxtel.

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