A friend placed a bet through her boss about this quote. He states it is "Keep your adversaries close and your friends closer" which mine friend and I think is not only wrong however illogical. We both think it is "Keep her friends close and your enemies closer" which would certainly make a lot an ext sense. What I require is to discover who originally said this and also get a connect to trusted online source attributing it come him therefore I can email the to she boss. In my initial search some say that was sun Tzu however I"ve however to watch proof the this.Can everyone help?Edit: I"ve watched a couple of hits mirroring it stated by Michael Corleone in The Godfather but I doubt the was it"s very first usage.

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The expression does walk "Keep her friends close and also your adversaries closer" however what the beginning is I have actually no idea.

I was certain we to be right yet I just need some proof indigenous a credible resource as she boss have the right to be hardheaded, and also may try to ago out the it.Re the arts of War, the just online message I"ve uncovered so far has no mention of the phrase. Any links?

Yeah, the dude is a moron."Keep your adversaries close and also your firends closer" WTFView image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gifDoesn"t even make sense. Most human being keep your friends closer 보다 their opponents by default. The whole allude of the expression is to do one stop and think around the reversal of the process, by which keeping your adversaries even closer than your friends will prepare friend for any type of move they may make versus you. What a dumbass.

The principle is not international to Sun-Tzu"s work, yet I"ve never ever read something attributing that phrase to him.The phrase "Keep her friends close and your opponents closer," IIRC, originates from a negative English translate into of Machiavelli"s letters.The quote is typically attributed to him.I could be dorn (and often am), however.Edit: FWIW, the quote does no come from the holy bible or indigenous Shakespeare.

quote:Originally post by Gendou: The expression "Keep her friends close and also your enemies closer," IIRC, originates native a negative English translate into of Machiavelli"s letters.I could be wrong, (and regularly am) however.I knew you"d probably have the ability to help, now that you mention it the does sound more likely than sun Tzu. Funny how som numerous seem to attribute it to him and also his writing. Currently I"m turn off to chase down that path...

Did a Google find on the phrase and came up with some interesting...uh...lack of information on a source.Though it appears (as post above) the it was sunlight Tzu who may really be responsible for the phrase, there space a many of people out there that attibute it to:Don Corleone indigenous The GodfatherA way ManMy FatherMachiavelli (which makes the many sense)An Old SayingG"Kar from Babylon 5 check out image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif interesting how some phrases gain shuffled around.

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Machiavelli"s The PrinceSun Tzu"s The art of WarBoth courtesy of task Gutenberg.I did a rapid search of both, yet came increase empty. Could be worth looking through. PG likewise has several other works of Machiavelli.

Well, I simply scanned "The Prince," "The Life the Castruccio Castracani of Lucca," and also "The background of Florence," every by Machiavelli, and also the quote (nor any kind of variation on it) appears. Indeed, the very concept, while appearing Machiavellian in origins, doesn"t it seems to be ~ to show up in his most famous writings.However, analysis through mine copy of Homer"s "Oddysey", I found the story that the cyclops (in book IX) to have actually some interesting parallels to the quotation in question. Perhaps it originated there?Interestingly, i cannot uncover anything that deserve to accurately attribute the original quote to anything previously than "The Godfather."Now, an exciting quote by lindon B. Johnson, speak of his political enemies: "Better to have actually them within the tent pissin" the end than outside pissin" in."View image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif