Critics to speak this enormous dorm is a 'psychological experiment.' Think of it favor a cruise ship, claims the billionaire that helped style it.

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© associated Press record Johnny Bench poses through a letter asking him to prove that he have the right to hold seven baseballs in one hand.

From Bench via Twitter:

Missing a few. How around the #JohnnyBenchChallenge? Baseballs, golf balls, office supplies, be creative. Https://

— Johnny Bench (
JohnnyBench_5) might 17, 2021

Nice attempt

— Johnny Bench (
JohnnyBench_5) may 17, 2021


Blue Emu commercial.

— Johnny Bench (
JohnnyBench_5) may 17, 2021

Bobby is on the board#JohnnyBenchChallenge

— Johnny Bench (
JohnnyBench_5) might 19, 2021

Bench also retweeted these:

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Last month, Bench encouraged fans come follow fellow Hall of Famer stick Carew on Twitter.

In March, Bench shared information around how to donate come the play Barry Memorial Scholarship fund as a tribute to his long-time friend who passed away earlier this year of complications from COVID-19.

In January, Bench said he and also fellow room of Famers still think about Hank Aaron the home run king.

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Last December, Bench claimed he was brought to tears through a friend who bought much more than $1 million the his memorabilia in ~ auction and also donated the items back to him.

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