Want to discover to beat Jingle Bells on the piano? You’ve concerned the best place!

Jingle Bells is a classic Christmas song of American origin, created by composer James lord Pierpont in 1857, on the occasion of Thanksgiving of the year.

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The tune was an initial published in 1889 through Edison Records.

Today, Jingle Bells is just one of the most renowned Christmas songs in the world. ~ above December 24 and 25, it is one of the most famous pieces that music play by pianists come brighten up the family members atmosphere.

In this article, us propose you to learn exactly how to pat Jingle Bells ~ above the piano with a indict describing the note to it is in played for each hand and also tutorial videos.

Bonus: you can likewise learn this track at your own pace on our piano finding out application La Touche Musicale.

Joris, the writer of this article, proposal the following resource: Piano tutorials: find out the 10 simplest songs


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Jingle Bells top top piano: finding your way around the keyboard

To be able to play Jingle Bells, friend must already know just how to find your way around a piano keyboard. In the same means as we did for our tutorials devoted to learning Greensleeves ~ above the piano and also All I desire for Christmas piano notes, this an initial part will certainly be committed to reviewing the basics concerning the identification of note on a piano.

Let’s start by recapitulating the surname of the notes on a keyboard. The image below shows the piano keys and also their different notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) to help you uncover your way around the keyboard:


The name of the note on a piano keyboard.
Looking in ~ the photo above, you can see that each component is made of 7 white keys. When you gain to the eighth, a new section the 7 white keys starts again, i m sorry reproduces specifically the exact same notes in the same order. To recognize your place on the piano, you can use the black notes. Because that example, you’ll notice that the keep in mind C comes ago every time friend come just before the team of 2 black notes.

Now the you know how to discover your position on a keyboard, we can start discovering Jingle Bells top top the piano.

If you are interested in finding out easy music through piano notes, you might like our article around piano songs v letters.

Free guide: Piano tutorials: learn the 10 easiest songs to play 

Discover our resource devoted to helping you discover 10 famous and really easy to play piano song (notes, letter and video clip tutorials).



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Jingle Bells: playing the notes with the ideal hand

Where to start?

Before we get to the love of the matter and also see all the notes to beat on the piano, we will start by identifying the first note of Jingle Bells on the keyboard.

To begin playing this song, place one finger that your ideal hand top top the E keep in mind in the middle of the piano keyboard.


E is the an initial note the the right hand in the tune Jingle Bells on piano.

The notes of the appropriate hand

Once friend have identified the an initial note E that the best hand, you will need to play every the notes of this exact same hand one after the other. Pat the following sequence of notes:

G – D – E – F – F – F – E – E – E – D – D – E – D – G – E – E – E – E – E – G – D – E – F – F – F – E – E – E – G – G – F – D.

This sequence of notes coincides to the entirety right hand the Jingle Bells play on the piano. Repeat it over and over again so the you deserve to master it.


Jingle Bells top top piano: the note of the best hand.

Video tutorial

So that you have the right to respect the beats of each keep in mind of the right hand and also the valuation of Jingle Bells top top the piano, you have the right to watch the following video tutorial: :

Video accuse of the notes to play v the ideal hand because that the tune Jingle Bells.
To learn just how to play the appropriate hand that the song quickly, us recommend that you repeat the sequence of notes number of times in a row. Friend will find that after ~ a couple of minutes that repeating this sequence, your playing will certainly become much more and much more fluid. You will certainly then be able to play the entire right hand top top the piano.

Now that you know this component of the famed poem, let’s talk around the notes to play v the left hand!

Jingle Bells: play the notes v the left hand

Where come start?

As because that the best hand, prior to playing all the notes of Jingle Bells through the left hand, us will need to identify the first note. The left hand of the Christmas song starts with the note G :

G is the first note that the left hand in the track Jingle Bells.

The notes of the left hand

Once you have managed to uncover the an initial note G that the song, we will play the whole set of left hand notes one ~ the other:

G – G – G – G – G – G – A – A – B – B – C – G – G – G – G – G – G – A – A – B – B – C – C – G – C – G+C – C – G – B – G – C – G – F# – G – C – G – C – G – C – G+C – C – G – B – G – C – G – G – G – G – G – A – B – C.

This succession of notes corresponds to the whole melody the Jingle Bells played with the left hand ~ above the piano.

We recommend you to learn it by heart to accompany the appropriate hand.

Jingle Bells top top piano: the notes of the left hand.

Video tutorial

In enhancement to the note to play, we have actually prepared for you, together for the ideal hand, a video tutorial the will enable you to respect the beats, rhythms and bars the Jingle Bells ~ above the piano.

Video tutorial of the left hand notes for the track Jingle Bells.
Congratulations! You currently know just how to pat Jingle Bells through two separate hands! yet that’s no the finish of it, much from it… now you have to learn to play the tune with both hand at the exact same time ~ above the piano keyboard.

Jingle Bells ~ above piano: beat the whole song v both hands

Difficulty : the dissociation the the two hands

Hand dissociation is among the most challenging tasks for a starting person pianist. Indeed, it needs our mind to execute two simultaneous jobs with precision and rhythm.

That’s why this solder Bells indict is damaged down into 3 parts: very first the appropriate hand, then the left hand, and also finally both but at the very same time.

The objective of the very first two components was to make you recognize by love the notes of both hands independently.

Now we need to coordinate them so the the melody (right hand) and the accompaniment (left hand) can be played at the very same time.

Methods, tips and also techniques

As defined before, there room some techniques and tricks come learn how to play both hand at the same time ~ above the piano.

You deserve to for instance start to play every hand independently in order to start on a an excellent basis.

Once you have actually mastered the 2 sequences, you deserve to start playing them at the same time. To make it easier at first, girlfriend can select a short passage the a few seconds indigenous Jingle Bells and also repeat that over and over. Once you have actually mastered this passage, pat the next one over and over. Once you have actually mastered it, pat both passages in a row.

This an approach allows you come improve progressively without obtaining frustrated by no being able come play the tune with both hands.

At La Touche Musicale, we call this technique the “learning loop”. Noticing the efficiency of this technique on piano learning, we determined to integrate a attribute into our online piano learning app that enables you to loop any component of the song and also learn it really quickly.

Jingle Bells top top the piano: the notes of both hands.

Video tutorial

As we have done for each the the 2 hands, we have made a tutorial video for girlfriend so that you have the right to play Jingle Bells with both hand at the exact same time top top the piano. Pay specific attention come the moments when the notes of the right hand and also those the the left hand are played at the very same time, as well as to the moments once they need to be played the end of sync.

You can additionally pause to observe wherein the notes room on the virtual piano for this reason you have actually time to play them.

Note: on La Touche Musicale app, girlfriend don’t should pause the song. The applications waits because that you until you play the right note.

Video tutorial come play the note of both hands of the song Jingle Bells ~ above the piano.
Congratulations! now you can play among the most popular Christmas song on the piano! girlfriend can also learn other songs and also genres that will lug diversity to your arsenal by exploring our articles around sad piano music, best jazz song to beat on piano, and best rap piano songs.

You can also find various other piano tutorials that this form by consulting for example the one dedicated to how to find out Zelda’s Lullaby, Turkish March, Für Elise, have Yourself a Merry small Christmas, Rhapsody in Blue, Carol the the Bells, In the hall of the mountain King, quiet Night, Mary had actually a tiny Lamb, Deck the Hall, us Wish friend a funny Christmas or impressive Grace top top piano.

Download the totally free piano sheet music that the song Jingle Bells

You have the right to easily find Jingle Bells piano paper music on the web. But, in enhancement to to teach you how to play the track through text explanations, diagrams and video clip tutorials, we believed it would additionally be practically to provide you through a attach to download the piano paper music the the renowned Christmas song for free.

Download the piano paper music

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This guide offers you 10 tutorials the famous and easy to find out piano songs.

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