“Jimmy crack Corn,” additionally known together “Blue Tail Fly,” might be a cheery, upbeat song, however its true underlying an interpretation is dark. The song was originally published in the 1840s and was popular amongst the increase of blackface minstrelsy. “Jimmy cracked Corn” gained resurgence in the 1940s as a people song during the beginning of the American individual music revival. Due to the fact that then, that has end up being a very popular children’s song with plenty of different covers and also versions of it.

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We all recognize the lyrics.

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Jimmy cracked corn an’ i don’t care / Jimmy cracked corn an’ i don’t treatment / Jimmy cracked corn an’ ns don’t care / The Master’s unable to do away.” It’s a very sing-song-y tune and makes you absolutely want to song along. But, let’s get into the darker backstory of the song.

“Jimmy cracked Corn” and its dark backstory

The Virginia Minstrels that the 1840s / Wikipedia

Can you believe the dark and also ghastly backstory that this song? inspect out a live performance in the video below of Burl Ives performing the track in 1964.