music by Leigh Harline, lyrics by Ned Washington, sung by Cliff Edwards in the personality of Jiminy Cricket, track from initial soundtrack of Pinocchio (1940) movie.

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Song lyrics

When you wish upon a starMakes no difference who you are.Anything your heart desiresWill pertained to you.If your heart is in her dreamsNo request is as well extreme.When you wish upon a starAs dreamers do.Fate is kind.She brings to those who love.The sweet fulfilment ofTheir secret longing.Like a bolt the end of the blueFate steps in and also sees you through.When you great upon a starYour desires come true.
When you wish upon a star.
Makes no difference who you are.
Anything her heart desires.
Will pertained to you.


The track is contained in Pinocchio Movie Songs.

Ranked #7 in 2004 through AFI"s America"s best Music in the Movies.

During the song, as soon as a spotlight is seen on Jiminy Cricket, one is may be to view two publications to the left of the screen, which space "Alice in Wonderland" and also "Peter Pan". Walt Disney started arising these 2 stories for the large screen at the time of this film"s release, and also they would be released respectively in Alice In Wonderland (1951) and Peter Pan (1953).

The track heard end the opened credits and in the final scene that the film ended up being a significant hit and also is still figured out with the film, and later together the theme song of The Walt Disney agency itself.

When the producers decided to promote Jiminy to the narrator role, using Cliff Edwards" recording made feeling as the location theme. In the film, Edwards" performance plays end the titles, and bridges right into Jiminy"s opening scene.

It winner the 1940 Academy compensation for best Original Song. The was also the very first Disney song to victory an Oscar.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Walt Disney used the song in the opened sequences of every the editions of the Walt Disney anthology tv series. It has also been supplied to companion the Walt Disney pictures logos - including the present-day logo - due to the fact that the 1980s. Additionally, plenty of productions at Disney design template parks, particularly firework shows and parades, employ the song.

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All the the pearl of the Disney Cruise Line usage the an initial seven notes of the song"s melody as their horn signals.