Their brotherhood cd driver the show, and also in genuine life, actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are simply as close as Sam and Dean...

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The struggle CW collection Supernatural is at this time in its final season. Sam and also Dean space making their last stand and fans room upset to see the critical of your favorite monster hunters. Your brotherhood drives the show, and in genuine life, actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are just as close as Sam and Dean.

castle have emerged an amazing friendship behind the scenes for the previous fifteen years that fans obsess over. Jensen and Jared, or “J2”, together fans have referred to as them, are constantly goofing off around set, making funny of each other in interviews, and also supporting each other’s endeavors external of Supernatural. They truly act like brothers on screen and off.

The two are definitely friendship goals. Below are 15 Facts around Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s Friendship.

15 They’ve to be Friends due to the fact that Day one of Supernatural

Jared and also Jensen have shared a bond because they met. They’ve been friends due to the fact that the display started ago in 2005.

castle joked with each other during their first meeting and have both talked around their an initial impressions of each other. Because then, they’ve to be by each other’s side through weddings, the bear of their children, and also so lot more.

14 castle Were when Roommates

similar to Sam and also Dean, the two actors once lived together. Jared and Jensen to be roommates when the present was in its beforehand seasons.

Both actors married your wives in 2010, for this reason they nothing still live with each other today, but there was a time once they were virtually inseparable, also at home.

13 They carry out Charity work Together

The actors have supported every other’s charitable campaigns on multiple occasions.

because that instance, Jared is passionate around mental health, and Jensen teamed up v him to assist the cause. They marketed “Always keep Fighting” t-shirts and the funds checked out the non-profit To write Love On she Arms, which helps those struggling through depression and addiction.

12 castle Prank Their other Co-Stars

Pranks are all as well normal on the set of Supernatural. If the whole cast tends to gain involved, Jared and Jensen are few of the key pranksters.

There are plenty that bloopers end the seasons of the pair messing with their co-stars throughout takes, purposefully make the efforts to chaos them up. The two also threw a pie in Misha Collins’ face.

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11 their Wives room Friends, too

J2’s wives are simply as close together they are. Genevieve Padalecki and Danneel Ackles room both former CW stars and also are friend in actual life.

Both women have actually starred on supernatural alongside their husbands and also walk red carpets together. Their family members hang out as well and all their kids are friends.

10 they Constantly Goof turn off On Set 

through as much as Jared and Jensen goof turn off while filming, that a wonder they ever before get any work excellent on the supernatural set.

The bloopers every season are reasonably long yet they’re always hilarious. Between making goofy faces, adding crazy lines, and fart jokes, there space so numerous chaotic outtakes.

9 They were Groomsmen In every Other’s Weddings

Jared and Jensen attended rather a couple of weddings in 2010, including each other’s! castle married their wives just a few months apart from each various other that year.

Jared and also Genevieve were married in February and Jensen and Danneel married in May. Both that them were groomsmen in the rather ceremony.

8 they Watch new Episodes Of supernatural Together

pan love to live-tweet new episodes that Supernatural, however the stars of the display are no different. Jared and also Jensen generally watch episodes v each other and also tweet around it together they do it.

Jared posted a picture to Twitter as they viewed a brand-new episode. They looked just like Sam and also Dean while castle drank beer and watched tv together.

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7 They have actually Each rather Backs

similar to Sam and also Dean, Jared and also Jensen always defend each other. Even when one is down and out, the various other is there to aid them back up.

after Jared had actually a major run-in with law enforcement, Jensen was fast to support him. The attended a con there is no Jared after the event and told pan to send that support and love.

6 they Both Live In Austin, Texas

You have the right to take the boys out of Texas, but you can’t take it Texas the end of the boys. Both Jared and Jensen space from the Lone Star State originally and also have uncovered their means back.

Their families both reside in Austin, Texas, whereby Jensen freshly opened increase a brewery referred to as Family organization Beer Company.

5 lock Agree the Supernatural requirements To End

Jared and also Jensen both adore playing Sam and also Dean, yet they agree the it’s time for supernatural to involved an end.

They desire the display to go the end on top rather 보다 fizzle out. The longer it continues, the lesser high quality it will finish up having. They want to bow out before they ran out of an innovative and to chat ideas.

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4 lock Have good Twitter Conversations

The actors room both incredibly sarcastic, witty people, and that definitely translates to your social media presence. They’re constantly messing v each various other on Twitter.

Jensen and also Jared will write-up unflattering photos of each other and also poke funny while they perform it, they’ll make fun of each other’s acting, and will even gang up on Misha.

3 They’re complete Dorks during Con Panels

mythological conventions room iconic because that fans of the show. Castle an unforgettable suffer where viewers can really obtain close to the stars, and also Jared and Jensen always show them your goofy side.

They’ll tell funny stories and also then the various other will proceed to make fun of the other, will crash every other’s panels, and will dance prefer absolute dorks.

2 They dress Alike all The Time

castle say great minds think alike, and that definitely uses to Jared and also Jensen. The two have actually joked a couple of times around dressing the same on accident.

They have coordinated suits, stay the very same colored shirts come panels, and also have also swapped the very same t-shirt back and forth.

1 They consider Each other Brothers In real Life

The 2 play brothers on the show, yet it no take much acting. Both actors have said they truly take into consideration the other their brother.

during a convention panel, Jensen when revealed the Jared is “a brother, on and also off-screen” and Jared claimed they’ve “more than grown increase together”. That’s absolutely friendship goals.

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