Everyone agrees the martial arts movies are important a genre unlike any other. Nothing is much more exciting 보다 watching the hero execute a perfectly timed high kick, knocking the end his formidable foe in the neverending struggle between an excellent andevil.

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Hand to hand exchange, paris kicks and also somersaults; nobody does it far better than Jackie Chan, among the biggest martial arts superstars in history. Born Chan Kong-sang ~ above April 7,1954, in Hong Kong, China, Jackie Chan was once considered to be the heir evident to Bruce Lee. Today, he has end up being one that the biggest action movie stars inAsia and also even the U.S.

Today, Evolve daily shares 7 reasons Why Jackie Chan is just one of The biggest Martial Arts superstar in History:

1) that does every one of his very own stunts.

Convinced the his audience should acquire the best movie-going experience, Jackie Chan insists ~ above doing all his stunts himself. In fact, Chan admits the he’s broken every bone in his human body at least once when performing stunts.

While filming Armor that God in 1986, Chan reportedly fractured his skull after ~ falling much more than 40 feet while attempting to run from the height of a building and land top top a tree branch below. Today, Chan hold the Guinness people Record because that “Most Stunts by a living Actor”, i m sorry emphasizes “no insurance firm will underwrite Chan’s productions in which the performs all his own stunts.”

2) He produced his own sub-genre the martial art movies.


Once slated to be the next Bruce Lee, many of the kung-fu movies the Chan starred in during the start of his career to be unsuccessful. Figured out to do his mark in the film industry, Chan broke out the the Bruce Lee mold and created his very own persona. By blending martial arts, death-defying gymnastic stunts, and also comedy, Chan created a brand-new sub-genre referred to as wu da pian.

3) He has over 100 credits to his name.

At the tender period of 5, Jackie Chan started appearing in small film roles. Thanks to his training at the Peking Opera School, Chan thrived to be well-versed in martial arts and also acrobatics. The became part of the Seven little Fortunes, a performance team of the school’s ideal students and also went on come star in part movies v them.

In the 70’s, Chan uncovered his niche in comedic kung-fu and also went on to make Drunken Master, which helped propel him to success. If in the 80’s, he ventured right into the worldwide film step and afterwards went back to Hong Kong where he would go on come break box office documents with his intricate stunt action sequences.

Although Chan would try to rekindle the flame through American audience in the so late 90’s to the 00’s, he never ever quite had the imaginative freedom he had in his previous films, which brought about himto feel frustrated. In 2011, Chan exit 1911, which was his 100th movie.

4) He has actually complete imaginative freedom in most of his movies.


In the so late 70’s, Jackie Chan had started to take an ext responsibility in his films and also was given finish freedom over his stunt work. He additionally started co-directing films and also eventually go on to direct, write and also produce films.

A trained singer, Chan has sung numerous of the design template songs of his movies himself.

5) he is trained in both martial arts and acrobatics.


At the Peking Opera School, Jackie Chan trained martial arts and acrobatics because that a decade. When he gone into the movie industry, he learned Hapkido and also eventually attained his black belt. The is also known to have trained in various other martial art creates such as Karate, Judo, TaeKwonDo, and also Jeet Kun Do.

6) He has actually won end 28 movie awards for miscellaneous achievements.


BEIJING – APRIL 30: Hong Kong’s star Jackie Chan performs throughout the Award-giving Ceremony for the fourtth Olympic song Competition at the illuminated Worker People’s social Palace, the Imperial ancestral Temple within the Forbidden City, top top April 30, 2008 in Beijing, China. Various activities, consisting of an international long street race, a song festival, a grand evening and an global speed-walking race, will be held in Beijing come celebrate the 100-day note which drops on April 30. (Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)

Jackie Chan received plenty of awards for his acting and stunt work. This awards incorporate the Innovator award from the American Choreography Awards, a lifetime achievement award from the Taurus human being Stunt Awards and the Asia Pacific movie Festival, ideal Actor indigenous the gold Horse film Festival, golden Rooster, Hollywood movie Festival, Hong Kong film Awards, among many others.

7) that is a popular philanthropist.


Jackie Chan is a true charity — he apparently pledged to donate half of his assets come charity upon his death. The is likewise a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and also has campaigned because that conservation and against animal abuse. Chan has likewise helped encourage the catastrophe relief efforts for natural catastrophes such as the floods in mainland China and also the tsunami in 2004.

Although it may seem that Chan’s films are rife through violence, he states that that prefers cartoonish action to graphic violence. He believes in sending out a confident message in his films, fostering peace and also community contrasted to her typical action movie.

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There’s no doubt that the influence Jackie Chan has as a martial art superstar has actually truly do an affect not just on the movie industry, yet on his fans together well. To true Jackie Chan aficionados, the is a guy that has truly changed the landscape of martial art films, proving the it is possible to encourage peace and also laughter in an activity movie.