I have actually been seeing and also using the signs + or ++ anytime a brand-new recipient is included to one existing email thread together with the original recipients in come or Cc.

Just curious about how this came into practice. Is there a definitive understanding of how + or ++ is being supplied in today"s email communications?

Raising this question right here as am not certain if this is the right site in stackex.

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UPDATE: to clarify, the + or ++ symbols are included in the human body of the email, no in to or CC.


I would agree v instinct71. It"s offered as follows:- say an e-mail is sent to a list of recipients, however someone to be omitted or the topic demands to encompass other recipient(s). The new recipient(s) are included to the To: or CC: fields and also their names room also added to the body of the email through a ++ or + , simply to educate everyone ~ above the present distribution that others have actually been added to the discussion."++" come from C programming and also non-programmers made decision to mitigate that to a basic "+"


There is slight distinction I have observed in intake of + and also ++.

"+" Usually complies with a name, to be educated or to activity on.

"++" i disagree the this is a programming jargon despite I gift a programmer. ++ generally does not follow a name. This is offered when an ext than one person has been added to email. Sometime, It might be complied with by surname if possible. But mostly, that is to suggested that additional peoples have actually been added but should specifically mention the name is not forced or the is not possible to point out the names.


I have usually watched either "+SimpleMan" or simply "++". Mine guess is the this originates from computer programming jargon.

In programming "++" is a shorthand for "add 1 come a variable". For example: "a++" rises a"s numerical value by 1. V emails, the change under consideration is the list of email recipients. "+SimpleMan" (although no legal programming AFAIK) is specifically including SimpleMan to the list of recipients.


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