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"Watching You" is a track co-written and recorded through American country music artist Rodney Atkins. It to be released in September 2006 as the second single indigenous the album If You"re Going v Hell. The single became Atkins" second number-one solitary on the Billboard U. S. Hot nation Songs chart. The was called the number-one song of 2007 ~ above Billboard"s year-end chart. The song was written by Atkins, Steve Dean and Brian Gene White.

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Driving through town, simply my boy and also meWith a happy meal in his booster seatKnowing that he couldn"t have the toy"Til his nuggets were goneA eco-friendly traffic light turned straight to redI hit mine brakes and mumbled under my breathAs fries go a flying and also his orange drink covered his lapWell, then my four year old stated a four letter wordThat started with "S" and also I was concernedSo ns said, "Son, now where did you discover to talk prefer that?"He said, "I"ve to be watching you, dad, ain"t the cool?I"m your buckaroo, i wanna be favor youAnd eat every my food, and grow as tall together you areWe gained cowboy boots and camo pantsYeah, we"re simply alike, hey, ain"t we dad?I wanna do everything you doSo I"ve been watching you"We got earlier home, and I went to the barnI bowed mine head, and also I prayed real hardSaid, "Lord, please assist me help my stupid self"Then this side of bedtime later that nightTurning on my son"s Scooby Doo night lightHe crawled the end of bed, and he got down ~ above his kneesHe closed his tiny eyes, folded his little handsAnd speak to God choose he was talk to a friendAnd i said, "Son, currently where"d you discover to pray favor that?"He said, "I"ve to be watching you, dad, ain"t the cool?I"m her buckaroo, ns wanna be prefer youAnd eat every my food, and also grow together tall as you areWe choose fixing things and also holding mama"s handYeah, we"re simply alike, hey, ain"t we, dad?I wanna do every little thing you doSo I"ve to be watching you."With tears in mine eyes, ns wrapped him in a hugSaid, "My little bear is cultivation up"He said, "But as soon as I"m big, I"ll stil recognize what to do"""Cause I"ve to be watching you, dad, ain"t that cool?I"m your buckaroo, ns wanna be like youAnd eat all my food, and grow as tall together you areThen I"ll it is in as solid as SupermanWe"ll be just alike, hey, won"t we, dad?When I can do everything you do"Cause I"ve been watching you"

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Rodney Atkins Rodney Allan Atkins (born march 28, 1969) is one American nation music artist. Signed come Curb records in 1996, the charted his an initial single on the Billboard nation chart in 1997, however did no release one album until 2003"s Honesty, which consisted of the number 4 fight "Honesty (Write Me a List)". An ext »

Written by: Brian White, Rodney Adkins, Steve Dean