It’s no an enig that we’re right now living in a television reboot culture. Fans space dying to carry all their favorite childhood shows earlier with the original cast and Wizards of Waverly ar is at the height of the list!

Starring Selena Gomez, David Henrie, Jake T. Austin, Jennifer Stone, Maria Canals-Barrera, David DeLuise, Gregg Sulkin, Bridgit Mendler and Bailee Madison, the series followed a magical family with 3 kids, who were all completing to end up being the family members Wizard while taking care of the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. Wizards the Waverly Place aired for four seasons native 2007 till 2012.

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Reboot rumors first started swirling after ~ the cast started sharing their ideas around bringing the show ago to TV. Some obtained real around where their personalities would it is in now, when others claimed that they’re under to dust off your magic wands and reprise their iconic roles. Also though details about actually bringing the cast back together have actually been maintained under wraps, the former Disney Channel stars have actually been pretty vocal around what they want to watch in a Wizards reboot.

Scroll through our gallery to read whatever the Wizards that Waverly Place cast has ever said about returning to the show.

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“Nothing has happened yet, however there’s a lot of talk,” Henrie said Access in august 2020. “We all talk around it for fun … Everyone would certainly be down, however it’s simply a issue of time i think.”

He added, ““We’ve talked around it, Gregg , Selena, me, Jake, and I think what we said what make the show special, to be that we were a family, and also that the family members stuff together was prefer a family members unit. I think a good place to begin the display would it is in the opposite variation of that, therefore you have actually somewhere to walk throughout the series. For this reason if you began the show where the family’s divided, and not united.”

As because that his concepts for the reboot, Henrie common those too.

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“Justin’s turn off doing his thing at Wiz Tech, he is probably gained a family, he’s busy with his duties. Alex is like a fashionista, like the Meryl Streep the the wizard world. She doing her thing. Jake is like a below shop conglomerate, favor he’s the Subway of below shops,” the said. “If you have everyone in their own world, law their own stuff, and we had actually forgotten how to it is in a family, that would certainly be a good place to start the show. And also, Alex, among the huge things is Alex can’t uncover love, until Mason comes ago in the picture.”


Bailee, that starred in a couple of episodes that the collection after Jake’s personality was changed from Max into Maxine Russo, told specifically in February 2020 the she’d love to return to the series.

“I mean, clear! I had the time of mine life,” the actress gushed. “It to be such a funny show. Yeah, obviously, if for some weird factor they wanted me back, I would certainly for sure go.”

She added, “I to be such a small part of a substantial phenomenon that i don’t really know why Maxine would come back. But if because that some factor Jake didn’t want to come earlier and he was a girl again I’d obviously it is in down.”