Does your hair damage easily, battle to flourish or absence shine? If this is the case, utilizing Vaseline for your hair can be the systems to any kind of or every one of these problems. Not only is Vaseline readily available, but it’s additionally cheap! Vaseline, additionally referred to together petroleum jelly, has been made use of by people for over 150 years. While originally offered to safeguard cuts and also burns or as a family members lubricant, it has been uncovered to have numerous other uses, especially in therapy.

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Is Vaseline an excellent for her hair?

The an initial thing we can say is that everyone"s hair is different. Not just in length, but in texture, strength and also body. For this reason, the ideal care for her hair is that which is catered to the individual.

However, there room some basic guidelines which apply to hair just how hair frequently behaves. The reason hair splits and breaks is usually because of dryness. Dry hair gives your locks one unhealthy appearance, do hair much more prone to damage and split ends. Similar to your skin, her hair needs moisture to continue to be healthy and also maintaining nourished hair bring away effort.

If you have actually naturally greasy or healthy and balanced looking shiny hair, we recommend that you avoid using Vaseline. In these cases, it can make her hair look greasier. ~ above the various other hand, if you have dry or damaged hair, Vaseline can be a good option because that you. Not just does Vaseline prevent break-up ends but it can also help hair growth. Even if her hair is shiny, Vaseline will certainly still likely protect it, it will just likely an outcome in a greasy look.

Many do, wonder if petroleum jelly negative for your hair. In part circumstances, it can be. By including too much Vaseline to your hair, you may reason clogging and also prevent organic moisture. In addition, it have the right to also an outcome in an allergy reaction. For this reason, just like hair dye or any kind of product you usage on her hair, you need to test it first on a tiny patch of skin. If you an alert a reaction, stop the use of the product.

some people also wonder if Vaseline is an excellent for herbal or afro-textured hair. This is under to the user and the individual. The benefits and disadvantages of Vaseline can use to all hair types, yet there space exceptions because that individuals.

For more, we suggest taking a look in ~ our short article where we look in ~ the best tips making use of Vaseline.


When using Vaseline to separation ends, a tiny goes a long way. Split ends, scientifically recognized as trichoptilosis, deserve to make the harder for your hair to prosper as the end of the hair literally break-up or rest apart. Separation ends are regularly caused by over-washing, sunlight or cold exposure, abrasive treatments and curling or straightening irons.

If you’re wondering how to use Vaseline because that hair development due to split ends, us recommend using a small amount the Vaseline on the advice of her hair daily. Vaseline will certainly act come lock-in moisture and nourish her hair, but using too lot Vaseline to your hair can make that look greasy. Be mindful with how much Vaseline you usage on her hair.

For more about separation ends, us recommend taking a look at our write-up where we discuss how to make homemade hair masks for break-up ends.

If you room having problems with hair growth, or are even experiencing hair loss, it can be an extremely troubling. We are frequently emotionally connected to the state of ours hair. It causes us come look to any kind of solution, also ones which it seems ~ to good to be true.

Unfortunately, this may be the case with Vaseline. Over there is little evidence to support it together a miracle hair regrowth treatment. However, if you use a tiny to her hair at the root, the can aid strengthen the hair and to keep it in an excellent condition. For these reasons, the might assist encourage growth. Be mindful not to run it through all of your hair and also wash afterwards with a high quality shampoo and conditioner.

For an ext information to help bring body ago to her hair, read our write-up on exactly how to wake up hair growth.


If you’re looking for an complete hair treatment to tackle hair loss and also protect her hair, us recommend using Vaseline to your hair when a week. Us recommend using this treatment if friend need general hair strengthening. The best time to apply Vaseline to her hair, in the case, is before bed.

Applying Vaseline before bed will offer the product time to permeate the scalp and also hair adequately. Every you need to do is obstacle a small onto your scalp and also cover with a clean and also dry shower head cap, to stop dirtying your pillow cases. If you don’t have a shower head cap, you deserve to opt because that wrapping your hair in a clean towel.

Remember girlfriend can likewise make your Vaseline at house if you desire to avoid the chemistry in a commercial product. This is likewise a an excellent option once trying to stop chemical petroleum jelly, which can be harmful come hair.

Vaseline for hair styling

If you notice that the Vaseline is leaving you with greasy hair, wash your hair in the morning through your regular shampoo and make certain to rinse the well v water. If you notification that her hair is tho greasy: add a teaspoonful of baking soda to your shampoo bottle. Baking soda (also well-known as bicarbonate that soda) can assist extract additional grease in hair. If this baking soda quiet doesn"t work, opt because that a small cornstarch instead.

We can likewise use a Vaseline hair mask to assist protect ours hair. We simply need to be sure we to wash the hair mask out thoroughly with high quality product afterwards.

For an ext about how to have actually healthier hair, we recommend reading our short article where we comment on how to combine hair naturally.


Do friend want longer and thicker eyelashes? If so, friend can apply a small Vaseline in order to stimulate eyelash growth. Put some Vaseline top top a cotton bud and run that over her eyelashes. Girlfriend can likewise do this v a clean mascara wand come avoid getting fibers captured in your eye. Use treatment nightly because that a pair of weeks to notice a change.

For more tips and also tricks on how to use Vaseline for eyelash growth, review our following posts where we discuss how to use Vaseline instead of mascara or learn exactly how to flourish thicker eyebrows through Vaseline.

Vaseline because that lice

Are girlfriend looking come get rid that lice naturally? Vaseline saves the day again! If applied correctly, Vaseline will certainly suffocate or smother lice, death their presence entirely. The is not harsh favor some therapies for hair lice, yet instead gives a natural way to eliminate hair lice there is no causing damages to the hair v harsh chemicals. In fact, it could even combine the hair when the lice have actually gone.

We require to apply the Vaseline in a particular method to get rid of lice. Read our short article on how to use Vaseline to eliminate lice to usage it safely and effectively.


Although Vaseline have the right to be a an excellent way to improve your hair, some people worry around the result it will have actually on the scalp. This is because, similar to other parts of our skin, the Vaseline might clog pores in a similar way.

This helps us to understand that Vaseline on your scalp will affect people differently according to their skin quality. If her scalp skin is dry, climate petroleum jelly have the right to work as an emollient to assist protect versus the elements which dry it out. If her scalp is no dry, climate the Vaseline could not be very beneficial.

However, this doesn"t median it won"t be good on your hair. If friend don"t have actually a dry scalp, you deserve to simply put the Vaseline closer to the pointer of the hair and avoid going down to the root. Also, for everyone using Vaseline on your hair, a little usually goes a long way. Use sparingly or in increments.

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If you notice your hair watch dull through Vaseline, i beg your pardon can generally happen through afro or really curly hair, shot other approaches such together shea butter or grapeseed oil.Try Vaseline the end on a small portion of her skin forward to make sure it doesn't develop an allergy reaction.