Accounts payable and also unearned revenue are terms the are pertinent in accounting. They are based on the accrual ide of accounting. In accrual accounting, the revenue and also expenses can be taped earlier. They space temporary accounts denoting provisions yet to it is in delivered. Castle are taken into consideration liabilities till it is given.

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Accounts Payable vs Unearned Revenue

The main difference between accounts payable and unearned revenue is the accounts payable is to be payment in cash for an currently received service or product. If unearned revenue is the revenue the a company or provider receives prior to delivering its company or product. A organization or product is to be yielded in unearned revenue.


Accounts payable is the amount a business owes come its vendors. Over there is a department for accounts payable the monitors the suppliers and pays them. Simply, it is comparable to the bills that are paid in ~ the end of the month in a household. Big businesses have automation remedies for account payable. In this process, the supplier provides the service and also gives the invoice. The receiver will pay because that it in ~ a offered period.

Unearned revenue is the revenue that a service gets before providing the service. The is considered a liability. The liability becomes an legacy only when the business is yielded rightly. Tiny businesses can use the unearned revenue because that the payments pertained to the project, ensuring cash flow.

Comparison Table in between Accounts Payable and Unearned Revenue

Parameters the ComparisonAccounts PayableUnearned RevenueMeaningThe lot a business owes because that a formerly received product or service.The advance payment made by a client for a business or product to it is in delivered.Time SpanUsually settled within a monthOften delivered within a yearDelivered inCashService or productExamplesPending invoices of materials in one enterpriseSubscriptions, pre-booked tickets, and also prepaid rentProcessThe supplier has actually to administer with the invoice and the AP needs to sanction the amount upon verificationThe company or product has to be delivered within the time limit

What is accounts Payable?

Accounts payable is the amount the a agency has to give for a service listed in the past. The company, after ~ receiving the service or product native its creditors or suppliers, might not salary at that instant. Instead, there will be a general covenant on both sides around the payment. That is usually a short-lived debt that is payment within a month.It is called AP. That is an account in the general ledger. That is presented under the present liabilities ar in a balance sheet. If the quantity is no paid in ~ the given time, the firm is likely to be in ~ the hazard of default. 

The agency to obtain the payment marks the in their accounts receivable section. For controlling a service ideally, the agency must preserve its cash flow. As soon as services or commodities are purchase on credit, the account payable increase. If the firm is paying the account payable at a fast rate and avoiding payment delays, the AP slowly decreases.

What is Unearned Revenue?

In simple terms, unearned revenue is the advance or prepayment that a firm makes because that a service or product the is not yet delivered. This is a liability for the firm until the service or product is received. That is likewise called deferred revenue or breakthrough payments, or prepaid revenue.This mode of revenue is commonly seen in subscription-based products and services which require development payments. Because that instance, airline tickets, the annual subscription because that an application, or prepaid insurance are all unearned revenue. This sort of revenue is marked in the company’s balance sheet together a current liability. Due to the fact that the product or service is still as result of the customer, the surname deferred revenue is understandable.Unearned revenue is helpful for the seller together it help in the cash circulation while liability for the recipient. The seller or provider have the right to use the money because that the that company interest. If the client cancels their business or if the firm is unable to cater to the demands of the customer, the unearned revenue is come be returned to the customer.

Only after offering the service or product the liability i do not care a revenue. The unearned revenue is then earned by the provider. Unearned revenue is mainly used in accumulation accounting. Rule are different for public companies that have unearned revenue. Usually, the solutions are fulfilled within a year. Thus, it is a temporary liability. However, if a organization or product is not delivered within the time of a year, the is termed as a irreversible liability.

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Main Differences between Accounts Payable and Unearned Revenue

Accounts payable is come be payment in cash, if unearned revenue is come be provided as a product or a service.Accounts payable is for services or products that have been ceded in the past time. However unearned revenue is for services or commodities yet to it is in provided.Unearned revenue has a time limit of around one year to supply the product, while account payable room often cleared up within a month.If the client cancels the product or if the agency is can not to deliver, unearned revenue is changed in cash. Yet if a organization is unable to salary the accounts payable, it outcomes in default.Unearned revenue is usually existing in subscription-based services or products. While account payable is mainly seen with businesses that use goods and also services to create brand-new products. 


Although both accounts payable and also unearned revenue room treated as existing liabilities, they are beneficial for cash flow. Making use of the prepaid revenue, a firm can afford their future costs for giving their products or services. V accounts payable, the business enterprise have the right to wait it rotates the due date and also utilize the cash for helpful activities.These 2 liabilities have the right to be viewed under the current liabilities ar of the balance sheet. It has to be cleared up within the given duration to avoid repercussions. The process of stable is different in both cases. In unearned revenue, the customer is given the company or product once after the payment is made. While account payable is yielded following the entry of the invoice and its verification.