It’s to be 19 years because the release ofSpirit Stallion the the Cimarron, yet this horse film has end up being a classic. It speak the story the the wild Mustangs the the American West native a horse’s perspective.

The movie’s protagonist is a Kiger Mustang stallion that is passionate to defend his herd and also territory. One day, he drops victim come his very own curiosity and is caught by the United states Cavalry. Fortunately, the escapes through the native American captive tiny Creek and also together castle go through a series of adventures.

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While Spirit Stallion the the Cimarron is a major movie, it’s still safely G-rated for children to watch. One point is certain: the story of heart is one that never ever gets old.

In the heart of childhood nostalgia, below are 4 you didn’t know about Spirit: Stallion the the Cimarron:

4 Facts around Spirit Stallion that the Cimarron

Spirit Stallion of the Cimarronwas a groundbreaking movie in several different ways. Famous movie critic Roger Ebert commended the movie on its clean plotline.

Unlike numerous animations,Spiritdoesn’t function a horse-shaped human. In theSpiritmovie, the horses, unlike in many children’s movies, act and feel like horses.

Uncluttered by comic supporting characters and also cute sidekicks,Spiritis an ext pure and direct than most of the stories we view in animation–a fable I doubt younger viewers will certainly strongly recognize with. —Roger Ebert review

Though nominated for ideal Animated attribute of 2002, Spirit lost to Hayao Miyazaki’sSpirited Away. It to be a usual success, ranking fourth in the opened weekend. Still, also 18 years later, it has actually a strong audience.

Since the film, Netflix exit a series in 2017 based upon the movie, namedSpirit: riding Free. The TV series follows Spirit, a son of the original movie’s stallion, and Lucky, a human being girl who befriends him.

In June 2021, a spin-off of the original Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron to be released, title Spirit Untamed. The movie is based upon the TV collection Spirit: riding Free and follows the very same protagonist called Lucky. After relocating to the tiny frotier city of Miradero wherein the original movie is set, lucky bonds through a wild dun stallion dubbed Spirit.

But there are still part things around this movie that are very interesting — right here are 4 of them!

Spirit is based upon a genuine horse

Movies about animals frequently “humanize” them, therefore they are an ext relatable. Occasionally this is offering them clean human-like features. Various other times it’s, well, talk animals. As the equines do not speak, it was essential to make them realistic. So to make certain the animators had actually a good grasp on how a horse acts, DreamWorks photos went and also bought one.

Donner, a Kiger Mustang stallion, offered as a version to the animators. They learned the Donner’s behaviour and mannerisms, to find out how equines work.

Donner of Steens mountain is the real civilization version the Spirit. Picture by return to Freedom.

Spirit is the only equine in the movie who has a real-world version. But unlike his man self, Donner was a domestic horse: he to be born top top a ranch in Bend, Oregon.

After his insignificant in business, Donner came to be an ambassador for Kiger Mustangs everywhere. The 26-year-old star currently lives at theReturn to freedom Wild steed Conservation Centre, wherein you can visit him!

The an initial draft that the soul movie had actually dialogue

In producer Jeffrey Katzenberg’s vision, that was essential that the horses didn’t speak. While over there is narration, the horses in theSpiritmovie only use human body language and also whinnies. This is rare in children’s movies. Katzenberg thought that if the equines talked, it would take away from the realism he wanted.

But this decision just came after ~ screenwriter man Fusco’s an initial script. The initial version was advantageous to storyboard, together it noted guides come the art.

After the storyboarding, Katzenberg asked for a dialogue-free variation of the script. This is since he wantedSpirit Stallion that the Cimarronto be a significant film, and dialogue would threaten the ideas. Several of the dialogue later ended up being the narration, voiced in the initial version by Matt Damon.

Rain is a registered repaint Horse

As we’ve claimed above, heart is the only equine in the movie to have actually a straight real-world version. This didn’t prevent the APHA from registering Rain as a real-world horse. Yes, Spirit’s delightful love interest is now a registered paint Horse. One version of the certificate is currently in DreamWorks’ headquarters.

A copy that Rain’s certificate, made by the APHA, is in ~ DreamWork’s headquarters.

The American Paint horse Association felt that Rain represented the each other to perfection. In their very own words:

“Although she might only it is in an animated version of a horse, in her own way, Rain has actually exemplified the breed standards human being have pertained to recognize in a repaint Horse.” –APHA executive Secretary, Jim Kelley.

She is the first animated steed to have a real-world registry.

Cimarron means “wild, untamed” in Spanish

While there room several locations named “Cimarron” the end there, soul isn’t collection in any type of one place. The landscapes of the movie come from different places. These incorporate Monument Valley and the grand Canyon, as well as others. Therefore what specifically is acimarron? Well, it’s a wild horse… inSpanish.

The Mustang isn’t precisely a wild horse (though that might as well be, after ~ so lengthy in the wild). Instead, it’s a feral breed, one that arised from various domestic horses.There are number of such breeds the end there, however Mustangs are specifically iconic.

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This famous breed comes mainly from Spanish stock. Various other breeds had influence but at the moment the movie to be set, they to be justcimarrones— wild, untamed horses.