American writer and television personality (Famous indigenous Food&Wine guy on `Queer Eye for the straight Guy`)

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Ted Allen ranking , and ranks among all celebrities top top the top Celebrity Crushes list.

Ted Allen is gay (Yayy!!) and is quite "gay". Just a trusted reminder: don"t be ashamed to admit that you have a to like on him. He has actually light brown hair. Role down and also check the end his quick and/or tool light brown hairstyles & haircuts.

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there is no "Chopped" v out Ted Allen. -- Katie ann If he is together a foodie, why does he constantly mispronounce the surname of foods items on Chopped? It"s Mangalitsa, no Manga-lista. -- Grooner It really bothers me the ted allen sighs ~ every declare he makes -- Christina Dykiel Ted Allen im watchn" Burger-Chopped and also i shld it is in on here. C"mon pick Me...1st OHIO chief on Chopped. My app is in. -- ZakAtak79 "if your dish can"t reduced it, you will certainly be chopped." therefore lyrical Ted Allen. -- yung trev Ted Allen pulls off the fit wearing with sneakers look really well, methinks. -- kellyespitia Wait guys, Ted Allen the organize of Chopped is also Ted Allen native Queer Eye for the right Guy! -- Carli I completely agree. Possibly he is do the efforts to carry out some sort of Canadian cool, yet he"s no Ted Allen. -- Bob Netherton
nothing is much more romantic than chocolate. - Ted Allen, Queer Eye for The Straight male -- chocodot hazet What the crap is ted allen law on chopped. Favor we need an additional person to say "sorry her food sucked ass." nah, the real chefs got that. -- Hayden I desire to accomplish Ted Allen so bad -- ☠Cattleya☠ I"ve to be watching so much Chopped this mainly that ns am narrating every little thing I perform in Ted Allen"s voice -- James Judas Didimus No food cooked ~ above Chopped is anywhere near as exceptional as the amount of remorse that he is able to muster once he chops someone. -- Meghan Varnum listen me out: chopped because that puppies. An all puppy panel of judges. Chefs are puppies. The is still over there tho. -- Meg Graham "Ted Allen said I had actually been chopped in his silky voice and I couldn"t think it." Lol ns think someone has a guy crush -- buy it White Ted Allen constantly seems for this reason bummed to be Chopping people. He need to prob acquire a various job. -- Samuel Ted Allen and Alton Brown in one present is the best thing ever before -- Marissa Ashby "Comprar acciones es como ir al casino, pero sin el servicio del bar."Ted Allen. -- existing emotion: ted allen saying "pig butt" -- surgeonsed basic Ted allen, you space not a judge stfu -- megan Ted Allen -- yung derp Not sure why yet I gain unreasonably mad in ~ Ted Allen once it cut to commercial before he reveals who"s -- Corinne Zinser Alton Brown has to host. That just has actually to. Ted Allen can co-host. He can commentate.mAlton needs to make numerous jokes at all of our expenses. -- Kristy Jett ns went in saying I want to it is in the food guy. ~Ted Allen --
"Chopped" hold Ted Allen talks travel, hotels and also food - new York short article -- Sheena Vogel Ted Allen can be the worst surname ever. -- jessi marsh he is here and this is real!! -- Tobias Funkè have the right to I simply say that Ted Allen"s impression of Scott Conant is the funniest point I"ve checked out on TV in a lengthy time! -- Cindy C ns m for this reason relieved to check out Ted Allen eating. -- rachael hodder boy that ted allen is handsome -- Elliott nothing is an ext romantic than chocolate. - Ted Allen, Queer Eye for The Straight guy -- Chocodot indonesia ns so happy chopped is on demand im for this reason weirdly attracted to ted allen -- Ixzy and my rebound hag like on Ted Allen simply grew, also though I"m turn off to purchase Tofurkey. -- pagan Hedy F Tom"s pretendingto be Ted Allen again..only this time he is relenten Tom cut a summer sausage.."look at his fucking wrist move!" -- Tara Spies Why is Ted Allen from chopped therefore awkward? -- Ali rock My share "adult" persona is loose based off of what ns imagine ted allen is prefer ordering his coffee on an mean weekday morning in nyc -- mise en abyme Okay not assholes: valuable babby giada, mario batali, cat cora, ted allen, and also guy fieri that is mostly just confused about what era it is -- CHRISTMAS fever KATE just ate there. Request what come get and also they claimed "Ted Allen got the 39" for this reason I acquired it and also it to be the best. Thanks! -- Brooks Wheelan he is the finest host of anything ever. -- Rebecca that is not a chef. He"s a murderer. -- papi My generic "adult" persona is loose based off of what i imagine ted allen is choose ordering his coffee ~ above an mean weekday morning in nyc -- degausser Ted Allen: so, judges. Just how would you explain the secret basket?Amanda Freitag: it"s weird together hell, Ted. The chefs will have do miscellaneous -- chopped watcher Ted allen is food preparation ON stole CHEF--i"ve never ever seen the so anything except host -- cyril Is it common to have actually crush top top ted allen and also marc murphy lol -- Glader Ted Allen simply thanked this cook "for being so emotionally generous and sharing through us" on Chopped. Someone used to be an RA. -- Matt Renn Ted Allen, the organize of Chopped, is an excellent with his job. -- man Morris "The critical time i was below was 6 mo ago. I"m below today and also I"m 6 mo pregnant. Therefore basically, don"t smoke weed w/ Ted Allen before work" HAHA -- alejandra I have such a to like on Ted Allen. Ns promise I"m not gay -- Clearヾ(*´∀`*)ノ★ he is my bff -- valeria Ted Allen"s little sigh after informing folks they"ve to be chopped is so transparently no from the heart it"s like why even bother. -- Vadim Rizov