Summer squash and zucchini gain used nice interchangeably in recipes — if you"ve scoured the supermarket shelves for zucchini prior to only come come up empty, you might"ve just tossed a summer squash in her cart instead, figuring they"re the exact same thing. However while these end-of-summer veggies have plenty of similarities (and yes, girlfriend can definitely sub in summer squash noodles for her zoodles), they"re not technically the same.

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The most obvious difference you"ll notification as you"re strolling v the farmers sector is their color. Summer squash skin is generally a wealthy yellow, while numerous zucchini (which are additionally technically a kind of squash) have dark eco-friendly skin, occasionally flecked with small white clues or yellowish stripes. But this is whereby it it s okay a little confusing, because not every zucchini are green. 

According to The Kitchn, some arrays of zucchini likewise have yellow skin. Dubbed gold zucchini, they have the very same flavor together the eco-friendly ones you"re used to seeing, but with glowing yellow-orange skin. You more than likely won"t see this range at the grocery store, but it might pop up in ~ the occasional farmers market (and friend can flourish it yourself).

Color is commonly the many noticeable distinction between zucchini and also summer squash, however if friend look a tiny closer, friend can also spot distinctions in shape. Follow to Food Network, zucchini usually have actually a straight, even shape, if summer squash is more thick and wider near the bottom, climate narrows at the top. Even if you finish up through zucchini and summer squash the are comparable shades, laying them next to each other need to make it simple to tell castle apart. Slicing into them might likewise give you a clue — according to The Kitchn, summer squash can additionally have a few more seeds than zucchini.

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Luckily, when the 2 are different on the outside, they"re almost identical top top the inside, for this reason you have the right to go best ahead and also swap summer squash and zucchini in the kitchen. Both have the very same mild flavor and slightly certain texture, for this reason you"ll never taste the difference. Friend can also use summer squash in desserts and breads similar to zucchini. Numerous recipes will include a tiny of each simply to make her plate much more colorful and also appetizing, however if you"re having actually trouble hunting one down, it won"t influence the smell at every to simply use the other. 

Of course, both veggies are likewise known to thrive like wild, therefore if anything, you"ll probably find the opposite of a shortage. If you thrive it yourself or accept any type of from a neighbor, you might need to figure out what to carry out with all your extra zucchini.