Actor Sean Murray is an especially low-key celebrity also though that stars on among TV’s greatest shows. Because entering the hit collection in the seventh episode of the an initial season, Murray has come to be not just a main character, however one that the ones to stick it out after the leave of a couple of NCIS stars. When he isn’t in former of the camera, however, he stays a really regular life, and also spends his time being a husband and also father. Gain to know an ext about the talented actor v these 8 points you never ever knew around Sean Murray:

8. Family members Connections

Although the didn’t specifically follow in his father’s footsteps as soon as it concerns his career path, the actor’s work and his father’s crossed in a distinct way. Murray’s father, Craig Harland Murray, invested 30 years together a navy officer, and of course currently Sean stars together a distinct agent for the navy Criminal Investigative service (NCIS). Although his dad didn’t know wanting to it is in an actor, Murray states his dad enjoys the connection. “My father gets together a kick the end of that.” the added, “To my father, the whole concept (of acting) was simply insane. To it is in a kid and not have any kind of desire to perform anything but, i really had actually no back-up plan. I said, ‘This is it, this is what I want to do.’ ns remember mine father plenty of times speak to me, ‘You realize you have nothing to fall back. If this doesn’t occupational out — and also it doesn’t work out for most civilization statistically.’ my dad is a really logical person. Ns said, ‘Yeah, however it’s all I can think of. It’s the just thing I desire to be a part of.’”

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5. Renowned Family

After Murray decided he want to it is in an actor at a young age, he operated hard to shot to land tiny parts and when he to be 11 was able to become an extra in the Steve Martin and Joan Cusack film My Blue Heaven. Fate would provide him another connection to the entertainment sector a few years later, however. Once he to be 15, Murray’s parental divorced and also he and also his mommy moved come L.A. So that the teen could pursue his dream further, yet it was his mommy who captured the eye of someone important. Vivienne ended up marrying none other than Don Bellisario, a renowned TV producer, known for collection such as Magnum P.I., JAG, and NCIS. Together a result Murray ended up being his stepson, and together with his own brother Chad W. Murray, that works as a producer on NCIS: Los Angeles, Sean has actually seven stepsiblings including Pretty little Liars actress Troian Bellisario, who portrayed McGee’s sister top top NCIS.

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4. Make His Way

Naturally, countless have assumed the Sean’s success and also being a critical character on among TV’s biggest series is thanks to his stepfather, however the actor is rapid to shoot the down. He has functioned hard to get what he deserves, nevertheless of who he is related to. “In fact, what human being don’t establish is if you’re related to Don in any type of way, and also you job-related for him, he’s 10 time harder on you. He’s so ultra critical. It’s great, though, since it’s for the appropriate reasons. It’s since he’s passionate; that cares. That’s what a writer is,” he told Trib Live in one interview.


3. Music Lover

Almost everyone likes music, however it may be how amazing to part to learn that Sean Murray is i heard with electronic music. The actor defined he dropped in love with music at an early age, “I to be a full music nerd! My very first memories the life are concerned the music that was played during my childhood.” He included in a separate interview that he loves Coachella and went to the very very first Coachella festival when it was “literally a couple of tents,” and he enjoys do the efforts to do music. “I’ve never taken any type of classes or anything. I’ve never been trained. Ns learned come play guitar by ear. I’ve additionally a good amount that gear, favor the apologize Logic pro X. The a hobby for me. I’m not developing songs end here, yet I absolutely spend my time playing v my toys and also making some beats, singing along, and having my youngsters play with the microphone, that type of stuff. The really just a many fun. The background of the different kinds of music is miscellaneous I’m an extremely interested in. I simply read a book around the history of hip-hop. I picked increase a many things ns didn’t know about the at an early stage days of hip hop i beg your pardon was really interesting to me.”


2. An individual Life

Although plenty of NCIS fans are still hoping because that Timothy McGee and Abby Sciuto to reconnect, in real life, Murray couldn’t it is in any more in love v his wife Carrie James. The actor and the teacher met in 2004 in ~ an event, and on November 26, 2005 they were married. In 2007 they welcomed their an initial child, a daughter surname Caitlyn Melissa, and three years later welcomed their 2nd child, a son called River James.


1. Other Works

It can’t it is in denied that Murray’s career has actually been characterized by his duty on NCIS, however fans can know him from other series or films. Before landing the duty on NCIS, he showed up on JAG, yet most notably, as soon as he to be a teens he showed up in the standard 1993 Halloween movie Hocus Pocus. “That to be really kind of an original flick with some an extremely cool characters that you don’t view all that often. I was 14 as soon as I do that and also I will gets children that room 11 or 12 years old and also say, ‘Hey! You space Binx native ‘Hocus Pocus!’ that is wild to me yet their parents were my age and watched the movie as soon as they to be kids and also now their youngsters watch it! it is wild! i have even been called by a number of people the physically ns haven’t adjusted much! i guess ns still look choose I am 14,” the actor joked in an interview.

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