Flyer print is a proven method to promote her business, occasion or nonprofit organization. Circulation is an essential to flyer marketing success: the more places you write-up your flyers, the an ext people you can reach. Of course, you want to remain on the best side the the law, therefore keep reading to learn about where friend can short article flyers legally.

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Can you short article flyers on public property?

In many cases, freedom of speech sponsor you the right to write-up flyers in windy parks, on community bulletin boards, utility poles and also other public property. You can likewise hand flyers out directly to passers-by top top the sidewalk, so lengthy as you perform not harass them or obstruct their paths.

However, the doesn’t average you can write-up flyers everywhere you’d favor without obtaining into legal warm water. Various other laws, such together those that prohibit litter and inflammatory content, can make it illegal to short article flyers in part public areas.

Anti-littering laws could make that illegal to write-up flyers on utility poles, for example. If you usage staples to hang her flyers, you can even be cited for damaging publicly property.

Granted, there’s a difference in between what is technically illegal and also what authorities will enforce – yet you have to still effort to adhere to regional ordinances. The last thing you desire is because that your company to it is in publicly shamed in newspapers and on society media because that violating the law.

Fortunately, there’s an easy method to make sure your flyer posting is legal: simply ask your regional government. They’ll be able to tell you whereby you have the right to legally short article flyers – and also where girlfriend can’t. In some areas, you might need come pay because that a patent or allow to distribute flyers on public property legally.


Flyer for Pixelated Party in Brooklyn, new York

Can you article flyers on private property?

In general, legislations prohibit flyer circulation on personal property there is no the owner’s permission. That’s not a big deal, since it’s a an excellent idea to obtain permission before distributing her flyers anyway.

It’s a straightforward ask to view if you can short article flyers in company lobbies, grocery save bulletin boards, on retail countertops, ~ above windows and also doors and also other exclusive property. Many service owners will be happy come let you article your flyers, particularly if you market to return the favor.

Note that you can not legally ar flyers in mailboxes located exterior of or fastened to personal property. However, you can slip flyers in door mail slot or article them on homeowners’ doors – though, door hangers and also direct mailers could be much better options.

Again, all you should do is asking permission. If that granted, it’s a great idea to acquire it in writing. That way, you can avoid potential legal concerns (including trespassing) if over there is a miscommunication between private property owners.


Club map flyer design by Tim Northon because that Corbett’s home of Horror

Can you location flyers under automobile windshield wipers?

Is that legal to location flyers on cars? That relies on the situation.

If you very own the parking lot property, it’s more than likely legal to place flyers under automobile windshield wipers uneven a neighborhood ordinance otherwise prohibits it. The same goes because that cars parked along streets and also in publicly parking lots.

If you desire to ar flyers on car in shopping mall or grocery save parking lots, you’ll need to get permission native the residential or commercial property owner. Expect to be denied unless you stand for a charity or nonprofit organization, which are regularly granted exemptions. Enterprise usually execute not want to hazard annoying your customers. Ever notice the “no solicitation” and “no handbill” signs in exclusive parking lots? Those are directed at flyer distributors.

What around event flyers? If you own the property, you probably cost-free to ar flyers ~ above cars; if girlfriend don’t, be sure to get permission indigenous the meet owner. Car parked in personal residential driveways room off limits.


Club card flyer style by R.Black because that SF IndieFest’s Roller Disco

If you decision to article flyers top top cars, always gently place them under windshield wipers and never usage tape, adhesive or any other material to affix them to vehicles. Friend don’t want to damage cars and end increase fined or sued for damaging exclusive property.

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The bottom line? always ask authorities about local laws and get permission – in composing – from private property owners prior to you distribute your flyers. The the only means to be details you’re adhering to the law, and it’s the best method to ensure your flyer marketing invest isn’t wasted.

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