Did you flourish up reasoning pinkeye to be the an outcome of rubbing the eye ~ neglecting to wash her hands? How about a stye on your eye?

Did her friends think you to be eating your boogers or watching dog mate if you had actually one? over there are many myths surrounding these two eye infections.

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Recently, in the Vice-Presidential debate of 2020, many thought that Vice president Mike Pence had pinkeye.

This led many to believe that he must be at residence in quarantine rather than at a debate. The even came to be a trending object on Twitter. But is pinkeye a authorize of COVID?

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Here’s the genuine deal:

“Some COVID-19 patients have actually ocular symptoms, and also maybe novel coronaviruses are present in the conjunctival secretions of patients v COVID-19,” said researcher Dr. Liang Liang the the ophthalmology room at China three Gorges college in Yichang.

Liang went on come say that the coronavirus may invade it in patient with significant COVID-19 pneumonia.

That way the virus can be spread if someone rubs an infected eye and also then touches someone else — or during an eye examination, the research authors suggested.

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Is the ok? pic.twitter.com/77qDCYdFGr

— Padma Lakshmi (
PadmaLakshmi) October 8, 2020

Most cases of pinkeye are caused by adenoviruses, according to the mei Clinic. These are very common viruses that can reason symptoms including fever, coughs, sore throats, and also diarrhea.

According come AllAboutVision.com, pinkeye, likewise known as conjunctivitis, is the inflammation of the sclera (the thin, clear covering of the white part of the eye) and also conjunctiva (the within of the eyelid).

The conjunctiva has blood vessels the overlay the sclera. Once infected, the blood vessels dilate, bring about the eye to revolve “pink.”

While conjunctivitis have the right to be caused by feces and other bacteria, the can also be the an outcome of a virus, such as a cold, or allergy. Among doctors, the term “pinkeye” is offered specifically to talk about viral infections.

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If her pinkeye results in a thick, yellowish discharge in the corner of her eye, it’s most likely bacterial conjunctivitis and also may require clinical attention.

Viral conjunctivitis, on the various other hand, rarely requires clinical treatment and usually heals ~ above its own. Using a cold towel over the eye a few times every day may alleviate discomfort.

Pinkeye is many common amongst children and also students and also is highly infectious towards teachers and daycare employees.

While Pence has actually so much tested negative for COVID-19, the was current at several occasions with various other White home staff and senior Republicans that have since tested positive, including a project rally top top Sept. 25 in Virginia; the celebration in ~ the White home of supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett top top Sept. 26, which has been explained as a likely “superspreader” event; and also a gold Star family members reception on Sept. 27.

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A new article simply came out that dubbed the White House, a “super spreader” source where it’s more likely to obtain infected and also spread COVID native there.

So what about styes? need to you be concerned if you have a stye on her eye during COVID?