Metalcore forward-thinkers Norma Jean constantly have something new up their sleeve, a trend that proceeds on Polar Similar." data-media="">


Atlanta metalcore band Norma Jean have always been a cut over their peers, adding in facets of noise rock and melodic alternative metal in a method that, amazingly, no suck. It in reality rules, and they’re rulin’ it difficult once again on seventh album Polar Similar. We captured up through vocalist Cory Putman come talk about what’s new on the album, the fact of changing members, and just exactly how the posesthe a Christian gets away with swearing top top a record.

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What execute you think is different about this album?

The overall theme and the idea the just having actually a template was a new, various direction for us. And also the way we created it was intentionally learning what track was going come be first from the very beginning and also purposefully writing it for the reason, and also knowing what song was going come be critical from quite close to the beginning. So just really shooting for that was a various thing the we’d never ever explored before.

Tell me a bit an ext about the theoretical theme. What is it?

“Polar similar,” really, is what it is. Friend hear “polar opposites,” yet I think the more truer kind of the is actually polar similar, which ns guess is something us made up. Ns was thinking about polar opposites, specifically in the society climate the civilization is in today, wherein everyone’s pointing fingers and also nobody’s getting along, i was trying to think of something that regarded that in a broader sense. This polar opposites idea, when I see it, ns imagine two poles, and also I thought maybe those poles satisfy in the middle somewhere, in an unseen place we can not see. I similar to that idea.

I choose the track title “Everyone talking over everyone Else.” What is the one all about?

I’m stoked you lugged that up, since that tune title is absolutely a tribute come Lemmy and I want everyone to understand that. However that song is a very personal song come me; a many the song are around different type of abuse from different perspectives. That’s a very main song to my experience of gift in an abusive relationship once I to be younger. Being very detached from that now, I want to talk around it in a really forward way, which was something I’d never done before. The key theme is not understanding that you’re in that form of relationship. We’ve heard numerous women say that before; not many men, however it does happen. So it is what it’s about: establish you’re in the situation, and wanting to get out that it, and once you space you look back and say, “Whoa, what was ns doing in that for so long?”


How did it feeling to acquire that out?

Awesome. It was great. I’ve always thought the music together being very cathartic. It’s definitely cathartic obtaining into those old places, and knowing that hopefully someone else can get something out of it, it is cool to me too.

You’ve obtained a new guitarist this time around . How’s that functioning out?

Great. It’s among those points where I desire to say, “Yeah, that the best ever,” but I likewise want to be super honest around it. Every band wants to say all the great things that have happened come them, but truth is when you lose a member it’s not easy and you shed a link to a person and a chemistry, specifically when it comes to writing, so girlfriend do have actually to develop that up again, but there is a cool point with that where that person comes in and also brings brand-new things come the table the you never would have thought of, and also as lengthy as you’ve acquired the ideal guy, she in an excellent hands.

Tell me around the covering art. It took me forever to establish what i was looking at.

My wife actually discovered this publication archive and also I just dug through that till I discovered that image. The rats indigenous an old lab book from the late 1890s. I just turned one of them red and that’s the cover.

I actually believed it was a photo of trees for about a week. Then i was like, “Oh, shit. That’s not trees.”

I think it is cool (laughs). One of two people way, it’s four things and they’re every kinda different colors. Ns think there’s something come take the end of that that people can interpret but they want.

On the album yes sir a couple of new sounds, favor “Nebula,” i beg your pardon is blues guitar for 3 minutes. Wherein did the come from?

That’s our brand-new guitar player. The male was literally—and hell tell you this—he kinda elevated himself in the woods in Louisiana. He had actually a pretty unstable childhood. The was increased on blues and also bluegrass and also country. That’s type of whereby his roots lie. Later in life he would find metal and… Pantera (laughs).

What else do you think could surprise Norma Jean fans on the album?

My favorite point is whereby we recorded, Pachyderm Studios. Before we went there the only thing ns really knew about it was that Nirvana walk In Utero there and Failure videotaped Comfort there, so us knew it to be cool and also it to be going to be fun to record there. But we didn’t really recognize what us were getting ourselves into. It’s in the center of nowhere—this is January in Minneapolis, yes sir snow, we’re in the woods, it kind of had this Shining feeling to it. The home is old, from the ’60s, it’s to be remodelled but still has actually all this ’60s decorative ingredient in it. It has this old, crazy, kinda creepy emotion to it, but it has a functioning heated indoor pool surrounded by windows, feather out into the snow. The insane; it’s surreal being there. Yet that room is very echo-y, and the entirety house has this creepy echo-y feeling. Therefore we finished up utilizing the residence a lot come record. All the reverb-y kinda guitars, every the echo-y sounding stuff on the record comes from us tracking inside the home instead that the studio. Therefore that’s most likely my favourite thing since the guys would gain up supervisor early, and also they would collection up guitars and just blast them with the house, and also I loved waking as much as that.

You’re back on solid State ~ a pair albums far from them. That reminded me of the whole Christian-metal thing that you have actually been really closely bound to. Yet it strikes me that that was once a large deal however cut to album 4 or five and also it seemed like everyone was over it. How much does it tie into your band these days?

I think the history of that is cool, because I remember once it an initial started happening, ns wasn’t a Christian, but I assumed it was cool that there was this brand-new element come music, and I always saw the as, well, this is just an additional group of bands singing around what they think in, just like every band does. I never really saw it as this separatist kind of thing. Yet I think what an ext or less has actually happened is the it became more integrated into the heavy-music scene… because that the most part. We’ve to be on tour with bands the were Christian, and some that were very, really against it. And everyone got along, and also the music still had this bond. Everyone still heard the music the same, and also that’s the coolest point to me. I constantly say music can’t have a belief; that a sound. A sound can’t have actually a belief. However I still sing from a ar where my belief comes into play, but, really, I’ve always written about more personal experiences.

The very an initial lyric top top the album, and also I’m paraphrasing here, however it’s something come the effect of “You’re going come burn.” i thought, Ooh, ns bet some serious Christian fans cringe a little bit at lyrics favor that.

Um, yeah.

Or probably they’re right into it. Either way.

I likewise say “fuck” top top the record.


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The thing is, i’m 40 years old, I’m enabled to say “fuck.” Like, my kids are 22. But, yeah, that track was a great starter, and I want that lyric to it is in powerful. Ns do think there are civilization in the human being that, ~ above a very huge level—a huge, worldwide scale—would love nothing much more than to watch the civilization burn and also rule the ashes, and also just it is in the king the nothing, because they’re the careless and evil. For this reason that’s where that comes from.