Shop in ~ America’s largest Retail Chain Micro Center and get computers, parts and gaming offers at solitary place. Know Micro center Hours previously so that you can visit in ~ the right time. Discover what time walk Micro center Open and also Close, whereby is the nearest Micro Center. Manipulate the Micro facility Timings i m sorry is uniquely concentrated on computer and retailer products.

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Micro center Hours of Operation

Overcome the burden of getting to all the way to Micro facility just to know the operation Hours. You require not problem as we have noted all around the Micro center Open and Close times in short. Have a glance at the Micro center Working Schedule prior to you head to the computer and also electronic maker retailer quite than wasting both fuel and also time. Understand everything concerning the Micro center Operating Timings on both regular days as well as Holidays.


About Micro Center

Micro facility is one American computer Department Store having actually its headquarters in Hilliard, Ohio. Micro center has grown steadily ever since it was launched in the year 1979. It is one among the peak 200 American biggest Private Companies. Micro center turns out to be countries leading computer and electronic an equipment retailer having 25 areas nationwide. This mainly concentrates on Computers and related products.

Micro center Store hrs – constant Days

In general, Micro facility will have actually the exact same schedule mentioned in the bulk of the locations. Have prior knowledge on the Micro center Timings every throughout the week. Pertained to know the Open and Close time of this Computer and also Electronic device Retailer native Monday through Friday. Find out what time does Micro facility Open and what time does Micro center Close through the info prevailing.

Micro center Hours TodayThe Micro center Opening HoursMicro facility Closing Hours
Monday10 AM9 PM
Tuesday10 AM9 PM
Wednesday10 AM9 PM
Thursday10 AM9 PM
Friday10 AM9 PM

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Micro center Sunday Hours, Saturday Hours

Usually, Micro center opens top top Saturdays and Sundays as well so that you have the right to buy your computer or digital devices. Inspect out the Opening and Closing hrs of this retailer on weekends so that you can arrangement your visit. Come to know the operating Schedule of Micro center on Saturday, Sunday by introduce further. ~ above Sundays, Micro center opens so late i.e. By 11 AM and also closes by 6 pm in the evening.

Micro center Timings top top WeekendsThe Micro facility Open HoursMicro facility Closed Hours
Saturday10 AM9 PM
Sunday11 AM6 PM

Micro facility Holiday Hours

Planning come buy some computer and also electronic gadgets from the retailer Micro Center and also worried whether it is open up or not. Don’t panic as girlfriend will obtain to understand the Micro center Working Timings throughout Special events or holiday Period. Us have listed all around the operating Timings that this retailer during Holiday Schedule. Usually, many of the stores open late or close early based on their convenience rather than shutting completely. Recognize whether Micro facility is open up on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and also when does Micro center Close by checking further.

As there space plenty of areas it is quite hectic to figure out the Opening and also Closing Timings of your nearest location. This task deserve to be streamlined by using save Locator or Google Maps. Every you must do is just go into the City, State or Zipcode that your attend to in the save Locator. Thereafter, locator traces out the closestly location and also its working schedule. Friend can also do the very same with Google Maps and identify the closestly store deal with as fine as operation Timings.

Micro center Wiki

Short Info
FoundersJohn Baker and also Bill Bayne
Key PeopleRichard M. Mershad, Peggy Wolfe, man Noble
HeadquartersHilliard, Ohio, U.S.
ProductsComputers, consumer Electronics & Accessories
ParentMicro Electronics, Inc.


Is Micro facility Open top top Sunday?

Yes, that is open on Sunday too but with diminished timings i.e. You have the right to reach the computer and also electronic an equipment retailer Micro center from 11 am to 6 PM.

What is Micro facility Easter Hours?

Usually, Easter Timings differ by separation, personal, instance location and also stores adjust their working timings during Easter Eve.

What space Micro center Christmas Hours?

Usually, during Christmas night stores Close beforehand or open up late depending upon their convenience.

What are Micro center Black Friday Hours?

Micro facility has black color Friday as an exception in the holiday Schedule. In fact, Stores open up early and Close late than normal working days.

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Final Words

Hope, the details prevailing on ours page about the Open and also Close Timings of Micro facility has been beneficial in resolving your queries. For more information execute drop united state a comment in the comment box so the our expert team deserve to reach friend as soon as possible. Save in touch through our website for more hours related stuff.